10 Helpful Tips for Parents: How to Handle Naughty Kids with Ease

There is no perfect way to discipline all naughty children through a single approach!
And it is true that a naughty child can give a tough time to the parents/guardians/caregivers. While your patience constantly gets tested with a naughty child at home, your inappropriate reactions (like yelling, shouting, etc.) can make the situation even worse.

If you have a naughty child at home, learn how to handle him/her mindfully!

how to deal with A naughty kids?

Let’s simplify this complex task for you by taking you through 10 effective tips to handle naughty kids.

1. Setting Clear Expectations

Good parenting is about guiding the child about the good and bad things/choices in life. Always make sure that you set clear rules within your family. Let your child know the clear consequences of his/her actions well in advance. And ensure that all the adults in the family are on the same page. This will give a loud and absolutely clear message to the child. And there will be no ambiguity related to these rules.

If the child knows the exact repercussion of the undesirable actions, he/she can preempt all that will follow.

2. Mentor the Kid

We all know the importance of mentoring kids in everyday lives. But not all of us are aware of the importance of being polite while handling the child. If you start teaching the child instead of yelling, he/she will learn the importance of desirable behavior.

Always believe in handling the child patiently. Because this is what really leaves an impact on the child.

Let the child understand that you care for him/her. And explain the risks of bad behavior at home or even when the child is in school.

3. Positive Discipline

According to UNICEF, shouting and hitting can create toxic stress in kids. This stress is followed by numerous negative outcomes. And it leads to an increase in the number of school dropouts, creates health issues, and also increases chances of depression, etc.

By choosing positive discipline, you can save your child and yourself from these long-term ill effects. Taking up some quality time together and making use of positive reinforcement techniques are some easy ways of fostering positive discipline. Besides, you must always stay calm and polite while dealing with the child.

4. Learn to Handle Tantrums

Tantrums are another problem that parents find difficult to handle. Never agree to the child’s demands when he/she is throwing a tantrum. It will convey a clear message to the child. And the purpose behind the tantrum will stand defeated.

Learn to stay calm and select words that can make a lasting impact on the child. Teach the child that he/she cannot get anything through wrong behavior, shouting, or yelling. Instead, teach the child how to behave properly and reinforce the behavior with the appropriate rewards. Try to be on the same page with your child’s teachers and discuss your action plans well in advance with them.

5. Manage Your Own Emotions

It can get difficult for you at times. But remember that outbursts can never improve the situation. If you shout or use harsh language/punishments with the child, things will get worse. Instead of choosing these wrong practices, learn to manage your own emotions through lifestyle changes, meditation, etc. To deal with your child’s issues, you need to be in the right mindset. So make sure that you do not ignore yourself. And take periodic breaks to rejuvenate your mind.

6. A Positive Family Environment

Difficult kids too need a positive family environment like any other child. Be friendly with your naughty kids. And try to create a positive family ambiance. Naughty kids might have some excess energy that is not channelized well. And it is equally possible that they have a point of view that you are yet to understand.

Spare some time from your hectic schedules to listen to your child. And most importantly, be a true friend so that the child opens up to you instead of sharing secrets outside the family. Learn to read your child’s expressions. And understand his/her thought process without being judgmental.

A positive family atmosphere makes the child secure and friendly with the family members. So make sure that you make this possible for your child. And help him/her to rely on the right people for the necessary assistance.

7. Stay Focused on Your Goals

To handle a naughty child, ensure that you explain the right behavior instead of labeling him/her as stubborn, careless, or disrespectful. Do not give in to the negativity of holding the child responsible for creating a ruckus in the house. Instead, stay consistent towards the goal of improving the behavior.

It might take some time to see visible improvements in the child. But you still need to keep your calm and stay focused on the change that you wish to see in his/her behavior.

8. Reinforcement Works

Reinforcement is certainly a tool to bank upon while dealing with your naughty child. But you must balance the use of positive and negative reinforcement techniques to get the best results. While it is advisable to use positive reinforcement techniques more often, negative ones cannot be completely avoided in many cases. Praising the child for good behavior, rewards such as gifts, toys, or eatables can realign your child’s behavior. And you can also use negative reinforcement strategies by taking away a privilege for some time but rarely in a very polite and clear manner.

Do not make use of a threatening tone to make the child follow your instructions. Because this behavior will backfire one day. And you will not be able to achieve the desired results as per your expectations. Other than this, you must also choose the right school that has teachers trained in handling kids.

9. Use Strategies Like ‘Time Out’

Techniques like ‘time-out’ can also be effective to tackle these problems in children. You can simply ask the child to stay quiet for some time and take a breather to detach yourself from the situation. Try using these strategies with your naughty child to discipline him/her. And it will certainly help in modifying his/her behavior over a period of time.

10. Look for the Right Reasons

Naughty kids can be troublesome for parents. But it is important to look for the right reason behind their behavior instead of punishing them. Many times, we do not realize that the child might be following in our footsteps. And in all such cases, it is important to identify the problem and look for the right solution.

As parents, we often ignore the fact that we are the role models for our kids. And they follow us in all that we do knowingly or unknowingly. The use of harsh language, quarrels, and all other negative traits of parents are adopted by kids easily. So before you plan to keep a check on the child’s behavior, make sure that you are in the best of your behavior at least in your child’s presence.

Your personal matters and arguments within the family can also be the cause behind your child’s stubborn nature. Because all these negative traits leave an impact on the child’s impressionable mind. And he/she is bound to learn this negative behavior from you.

Final Thoughts

Naughty kids have loads of unused energy that can be channelized to get the desired results. However, there is a need to learn the art of disciplining a naughty child in order to align his/her behavior. Spend more time with your kids to understand their personality types and chalk out a plan that can work well with the child.

Choose the right school for your naughty child. Because this will simplify your task further. And you will achieve the desired results through a well-planned collaborative effort.

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