Be the Best Parent You Can Be! Effective Parenting Tips

Be the Best Parent You Can Be! Effective Parenting Tips

Most parents believe that the right parenting skills stem from their instinctive techniques of rising a child. And they do not feel the need of any parenting tips for newborn child. But in the process of being the ‘BEST PARENT’, they tend to overlook a number of mistakes. Parenting is a unique gift that extends an opportunity to grow and develop as an individual. However, there is a lot that needs to be learned and corrected when it comes to raising a well-rounded child. 

Let’s recognize the most commonly made parenting mistakes in real-time & Understand how we can avoid these through healthy parenting tips

High Expectations Linked to Perfectionism

Setting expectations and labeling outcomes comes naturally to most parents. They trust to believe that their child has the natural ability to meet expected outcomes. But the worst part is that these expectations often go beyond their child’s natural capabilities.

Unrealistic expectations create an array of problems. Because the child not only tries to push himself/herself beyond the limits. But also creates a judgment about ‘winning’ (associated with capabilities) and ‘losing’ (linked to weaknesses) without attaching any importance to the efforts and the learning process. Most of the parenting goals set high expectations for the kids in their schooling years. In fact, not just the parents, our students also face the same pressure of sky high expectations in schools.   

Here’s a look at some interesting figures to support this point.

Top-ranked Important Parental Goals and Academic Pressure?

  • 51% of the Indian parents surveyed had a common goal to help their children build successful careers.
  • 22% of the parents wanted the child to earn enough for a comfortable life.
  • Only 17% of them rated fulfilling their child’s potential as their goal.
  • 63.5% of Indian students live under immense academic stress.
Pia chart showing most important Parenting Goals | Parenting tips

These parental goals and the pressure for perfectionism deprives the child of the opportunity to grow and learn as a happy individual. In fact, this burden of unrealistic expectations is globally one of the biggest reasons for the increase in mental health issues in children and adolescents. Research proves that the burden of parental expectations and perfectionism contributes to psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

So, isn’t it important to put a full stop to our overflowing expectations and follow the dos and don’ts of parenting?


And if you find it difficult to make this possible, try out some better options.

Fortunately, we have explored some better educational choices for stress-free education (such as 100% online schools). Globally, this medium is the first preference for gifted, at-risk, introverted, academically backward, or differently abled students. And India too is witnessing a paradigm shift with the advantages of online education (flexibility, pacing choices, and no peer pressure, etc.).

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Overdoing It

If you too believe that relationships are like rubber bands, and pulling it too hard is normal, HOLD YOUR THOUGHT FOR A SECOND!

You are on the verge of limiting your child’s abilities. And that too in the most critical stages of his/her holistic development. There is a lot of discussion about what age is hardest to parent? and parenting tips for toddlers.

But in reality, positive parenting tips are beneficial across all stages equally.

Overdoing, excessive indulgence, overprotective attitude, pampering, or dismissing your child’s feelings always ends in disappointment. Besides, your choices like over-reprimanding, or being judgmental are doing more harm than any good. A child’s growth and development is an ongoing process. And experts state that this process is more about the qualitative transformation which can be best supported through positive parenting tips. Rearing a child is not an overnight process. So as parents, we need to learn the right ways of consistent parenting. And develop the patience to wait for positive results.

Conscious parenting alone is the solution to avoid these grave mistakes. After all, moderation is the key to a happy life!

Absence of Structure/Boundaries

Can you recall some instances when you tried to fit your child’s schedules into the jigsaw of your own priorities?

Mealtimes, bedtime, recreation, and even interactions are highly imbalanced and unstructured in most of our families. We can easily blame it on the hustle-bustle of our everyday lives or the poor work-life balance. But is this all we can do about it?


This situation can be improved by following simple parenting tips for Indian parents.

Creating some simple family rules, defining boundaries of behavior, and simplifying time management for better outcomes are some signs of good parenting. It is possible to strike the right balance between family relationships, work commitments, and emotional space. In fact, most of the prominent areas of life can be managed better by making sensible choices such as a more convenient schooling option (such as an online school with flexible study options) and establishing simple house rules. All this will help you to make more time for your family. And ultimately reduce your overall stress levels.

Till date, for many Indian parents, these issues remain underrated and unaddressed.

<95% of Indian parents help their children with their studies. And around 62% of them spend over 7 hours per week just to help their kids with their homework.>

Percentage of Parent helping their kids in Homework | Parenting Tips

Now that we have self-reflected on our right and wrong ways of raising a child, it’s time to take the next step and work on our flaws.

5 Parenting Tips and skills to keep Regrets at Bay

  • Establish realistic house rules
  • Set aside time for family interactions
  • Build a positive family environment
  • Encourage open conversations
  • Set the right example

You can also follow these simple parenting tips for preschoolers:

  • Stay empathetic in your own relationships (especially with elders, and house help, etc.)
  • Be a consistent parent to set a strong foundation
  • Keep a check on your emotions
  • Watch your selection of words and express your love often
  • Stay open to learning positive parenting techniques
  • Shape kids with constructive criticism
  • Never establish unrealistic standards
  • Do not expect your kids to realize your dreams
  • Avoid over-parenting (over-indulging)
  • Nurture qualities like perseverance and resilience


If you are still puzzled about Raising your child right, Please visit the page to get in touch with our experts and we will be glad to offer the right parenting support that you need!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are 5 positive parenting tips?
    Set schedules, interact with the child, create a good family atmosphere, be a good role model and encourage the child to speak his/her mind.
  • What are 7 rules for parents?
    Boost the child’s self-esteem, never interrupt, make time for family, watch your selection of words, define limits, stay organized and be a good role model.
  • What are 10 responsibilities of a parent?
    Protecting the child’s rights, decision making, ensuring safety, providing financial stability, teaching about good and bad behavior, inculcating positive discipline, providing with all basic needs, giving time to the family, setting rules, treating all family members with respect.
  • What parenting style is the best?
    Authoritative parenting style is considered as the best style.

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