Exam Motivation Ace Your Exams and Achieve Your Academic Goal

Exam Motivation: Ace Your Exams and Achieve Your Academic Goals!

The final touch of preparations is overwhelming for many students. And this is where the role of exam motivation comes into play. As stakeholders, most of us feel puzzled and stressed out looking at our children’s rigorous schedules with hardly any leisure time during exams.

Indeed, exam time is quite challenging for both students and stakeholders. But at the same time, we need to get the children back on track and work on motivation for an exam. This article is a sincere effort to help stakeholders and students learn the art of staying motivated during the exam season.

Let’s delve into some important aspects and take you through the study tips, and motivation during exams.

What is Motivation?

As per the simplest definition of motivation, it is the attribute that drives us to do or refrain from doing something.

Keep reading to answer a common question asked by kids, ‘how to motivate myself to study?

Types of Motivation that Affects Student’s Achievement

To understand the concept of motivation for an exam, let’s discuss relevant research that throws light on the types of motivation. Experts have highlighted different types of motivation drives that affect a student’s achievement. These findings can help us with study tips and motivation.

Some of these are:

Intrinsic Motivation- When one derives satisfaction purely from performing an activity.

Extrinsic Motivation-  When one performs any task to attain an outcome.

Social Motivation- This type of motivation drives one to perform well in order to earn praise from others (like parents, teachers, etc.).

Instrumental motivation- A form of extrinsic motivation wherein one performs for rewards.

Achievement motivation – This one has different elements namely cognitive drive (the need to know), self-enhancement (satisfy their self-esteem), and affliction motivation (wish to earn approval from others).

What is Exam Motivation & Its Relationship With A Student’s Achievement?

In general, exam motivation is the drive that helps students to start and maintain goal-oriented behavior to achieve academic success. It pushes a student to achieve the defined benchmark. And is certainly one of the most effective reasons behind one’s academic success/achievement. Many students find it difficult to stay motivated during exam time. However, despite all odds, there is a close relationship between one’s motivation levels and academic achievement.

In the past, academicians proved that academic motivation and academic achievement are closely related. Motivation creates a drive to put in effort. And these efforts can make a considerable difference in the performance (and exam motivation).

Research proves that motivation is one of the momentous factors that can affect a student’s learning.

Here’s an interesting finding from an academic motivation questionnaire:

In general, academic achievement correlates with competitiveness. However, by adding the component of academic motivation, the results changed considerably.

Achievement & Competition  Achievement Competition and Motivation
Relationship between exam motivation and achievement

Why Do Students Feel Low on Motivation?

All students are different and unique individuals. Hence, there can be many reasons to feel demotivated on a generic or case-to-case basis. 

Let’s try to understand through broad headers before we discuss study tips and motivation:

Affective Factors

When students feel low self-esteem and lack confidence, they tend to feel demotivated. Such students can also face anxiety issues.

Non-Supportive Classroom Environment

A positive classroom environment supports academic achievement. At the same time, a non-supportive one demotivates students to pay attention to instructions.

Lack of Positive reinforcement

Verbal or non-verbal appreciation, approval, and rewards help students stay enthusiastic and attentive in the classroom. But again, in the absence of reinforcement, the behavior is quite the opposite.

In an online learning environment, a student can feel demotivated if he/she does not get enough educator support.

K8 School, India’s best online school creates a highly student-centric learning environment by using researched reinforcement strategies for exam motivation.

How to Motivate a Student for an Exam?

Unconditional Support

Your child needs your handholding and unconditional support to beat the exam anxiety. As parents/caregivers/stakeholders, it is our duty to ease the pressure. And extend a helping instead of building up a pile of academic stress full of unrealistic parental expectations.

Do you know that in the year 2019, there were a total of 1.3 lakh suicides?

And 7.4% of these were student suicides.

Student suicidal rates

Unfortunately, India battles with the problem of a huge suicide count (1.3 lakh in 2019 and 1.5 lakh in 2020). And this highlights the need to support students in their stressful yet vulnerable age groups.

Number of suicides in India due to exam pressure

Shift the Focus

Not all of us understand the power of shifting the focus from performance to mastery. If a student knows how to study well and master concepts well, exam motivation will automatically improve. Students who feel confident about their knowledge and preparation always stay away from problems like demotivation.

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Make Things Relevant

If your child often asks, how to motivate myself to study make your answer relevant for the child. Connect the details to his/her career aspirations or dreams. And help the child to understand how the right knowledge applies to several situations in life.

It is important to engage students. And create a sound academic foundation for certain mandatory subjects till the students reach the age of choosing subjects.

Choose Strategies Wisely

Our children/students learn the best when they are encouraged through the right strategy. For some children, peer tutoring is a great help. Many others prefer to learn through mock tests (for practice) etc. Choose the right strategy that works well with the child. And offer enough encouragement to maintain exam motivation.

The selection of pedagogy/strategy for online students is somewhat different from traditional ones. Let’s discuss some study tips purely for online students. 

Best Study Tips for Online Students

  • Set your goals well in advance
  • Have a buffer time and manage any unforeseen circumstances
  • Collaborate with peers and teachers in case of any doubts
  • Take time to master concepts from day one
  • Keep the study space free from distractions
  • Utilize extra online resources or supplementary material
  • Never choose to procrastinate even if there is time for the deadline
  • Try the study tips and motivation shared by friends, parents, teachers, etc.
  • Connect with the teacher through the appropriate channels (like e-mails, text messages, etc.) for doubts.

Final Thoughts

The power of focus and good strategies can help in resolving issues related to exam motivation. Remember that the habits we build throughout the year culminate into end results during the exam time. Nurture the right mindset throughout the child’s academic journey. So that there is no additional battle with his/her demotivation during the most crucial exam season!

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Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to motivate someone to study?
    You can motivate a student by using reinforcement techniques, positivity, focusing on mastery learning, and making things relevant.
  • How to motivate yourself to study when depressed?
    You can remind yourself about the purpose of the study. And break down your study goals into smaller (and achievable) targets. Once you start achieving your target, you will start regaining confidence.
  • How to stay motivated to study at home?
    You must follow a proper schedule. Take enough sleep and stay away from delaying study or related work.
  • What should I answer when my child asks, how to motivate myself to study?
    Work on your child’s mindset and create positivity by making things seem relevant to achieve career-related targets. Explain how mastering concepts early simplifies the further prospects of higher education and more.

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