Online Education in India

In a developing country like India, advancement in education is a stepping stone towards developing a nation where technology can serve a united platform for quality education. In India, online education includes primary and secondary supplement education, test preparation, reskilling and online certifications, higher education and language, and casual learning.  

In a contemporary era, when India’s educational system has gone through a considerable advancement, one of the most crucial modification is an online education, it can be a real example of the right to education as it provides the inclusive setup for all to have access to same quality education despite any differences. Since people are becoming more tech-savvy, the scope of education through online platforms increases. Students and parents who look for international education can be served with a great opportunity. Considering many other advantages of online learning, it is pocket friendly, time and energy saving, and people with special learning needs and disabilities can also enjoy customizing learning at their place.

In India, where access to education is one of the significant limitations, online education can be a bridge between challenges and the right to education. Considering the necessity of a child-centric approach, this initiative can provide individual attention to the child and customized learning, thereby increasing the chances of a student performing well in academics due to individualized learning. Online education can also boost self-discipline as it requires self-study, self-exploration.

Online classes can develop more definite self-discipline, which often translates to other areas of your life, such as lifestyle changes, professionalism, and even relationships. Personal relationships are often seen to be affected by busy schedules. Online education provides time to families and friends to be together and have healthy family time; hence, there are possibilities of better social involvement and emotional and mental well-being.

Education in India is no longer just teacher delivering lectures to a bunch of students, but customized and flexible learning. Online education includes numerous ways to teach and learn beyond the traditional learning mediums. It includes audio-visual, attractive texts, animations, training at virtual mediums, connecting with professors. Online education, at its full potential, can be more efficient than face to face traditional learning techniques. It is engaging, practical, and customize to fit student’s needs. Education for children with special needs is a challenge in India, and online education can serve a solution for the loops and barriers in traditional schooling.

Online education can also provide opportunities for additional advanced skills, thereby preparing individuals to compete in the market and adding extra advantages in their careers. Apart from all these benefits, online education is environment friendly too. It saves on paperonline schooling platforms that not only minimize paper usage but also save paper by creating educational and training material digitally, saves on gasoline online education means No cars! And No buses! Thereby saving fuels and the environment from harmful gasses, especially carbon dioxide, thereby decreasing the greenhouse effect, online education initiative saves on trees by saving tons of paper production hence, making the environment greener.

In the ocean of knowledge, the online platform of learning needs to look from a perspective of positive technological advancement, the ideology of inclusion and environmental sustainability and bringing families together hence, we need more initiatives and innovational approaches in the field of online education in India to ensure cultural and context friendly system to meet the needs of people and success of online educational platforms.

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