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Coding for Schools 10 Reasons Why Online Schools Teach Coding

Coding for Schools: 10 Reasons Why Online Schools Teach It (and Why Your Child Should Learn)

In this highly digitalized post-pandemic world, kids are active users of technology. They are undeniably fascinated by the glittering world of the internet. And many of them love to be glued to devices all the time.

If you think this is an exaggeration here’s a look at some quick facts!

  • Our Indian kids are the youngest to reach mobile maturity.
  • 83% of Indian kids between 10 to 14 years use smartphones.
  • The international average of using mobile phones across the world is 76%.

Not just the use of technology, our Indian kids are also quite creative and imaginative beings. And this is one of the many reasons why coding for schools has now become a necessity.

In this informative write-up, let’s decode the real purpose of coding classes for kids in the Indian context.

What is Coding for Kids?

We all know that machines work on instructions. And when we give the computer instructions in a language that it can interpret, it is known as coding. In other words, coding classes teach children how to communicate with the computer. In the past, computer programming, and related skills were considered appropriate only for a certain type of students. But in the present-day scenario, coding for students is an essential 21st-century skill with an added host of advantages.

How to Teach Children to Code?

We are fortunate to have several options around us to help our kids harness the benefits of coding. While many schools/online schools already have coding classes, parents can always opt for online coding classes for kids over and above the regular institutions. Leading journals have reported some top industry players that specialize in coding for students.

Like any other topic/subject, coding too should be taught as per the child’s age, preference, and level of comfort with computers. Generally, it is better to start with simple languages like Python to help the child master the fundamental skills. At the advancing levels, the choices can always be wider.

As of October 2017, the primary coding languages in India were as under:

Java 89.57%
C++ 147.26%
Primary coding languages in India | Coding for schools

Top Reasons to Teach Coding to Students

Career Readiness

The long-term benefits of coding are ideal to boost career prospects in promising jobs like programming or software development. Coding platforms hone the skills required to join the workforce. And even entry level jobs can lead to a highly rewarding career pathway.

Do you that India has the potential to become the intellectual capital of the world?


The World Economic Forum acknowledges the fact that India has a great opportunity in harnessing the talents of its youth population. Because 65% of these are younger than 35 years of age.

percentage of Indian youth under 35 years

As per Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple), coding school provides the right handholding for children to develop critical thinking. Because it helps them to learn the right ways of logical thinking.

21st Century skill building

Skills like creativity and problem-solving, lateral thinking, and communication (presentation, etc.) are a need of the hour.

Makes them Tech Savvy 

In this world of digitalization, our kids need to be highly tech-savvy and updated. Technology is already dominating the world. And there are all possible reasons to believe that it will continue to grow in leaps and bounds in the years to come.  

10 Reasons Why Online Schools Focus on Coding for Kids?

Globally, over 30 countries had introduced computer science curricula for grades KG to 12 (by 2021). In India too, the National Policy of Education has made coding a mandatory subject starting from class 6th. Virtual schools have a vision for global education. And in India, top accredited online schools offer good-quality online coding classes for kids.

The advantages of online learning perfectly fit with the requirements of teaching coding. Students can learn through immersive content, and view instruction videos (created by the educators) anytime. And most importantly collaborate with other peers meaningfully.

Online education is perfect to harness new-age skill sets in children. And you will be surprised to know that there are numerous more advantages of coding classes other than the ones that we have already discussed above. Let’s explore some more benefits now.

1. Fun

Most of us know that student engagement facilities learning in many ways. And coding for students is the perfect way to engage them purposefully. Students enjoy tasks and coding games. And at the same time, they also learn computer programming through seamlessly engaging tasks.

2. Boosts Confidence

Young students feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment through coding school. Instant results boost their confidence levels. And they enjoy the process while learning new ways to communicate, and express themselves.

3. Great for Creativity

The best online coding classes for kids allow them to unleash their creative side. And turn them into wonderful creators. The best part about coding is that it is quite fascinating for young learners. And they can open up numerous creative outlets without any hesitation.

4. Supports Thinking Processes

Out of the many noteworthy benefits of coding, it’s support to the thinking capabilities is paramount. Nurturing this skill in children helps them to develop computational thinking. This means that they learn how to think logically without relying on any non-factual information.

5. Solid Academic Base

Students who develop enhanced skill sets also tend to excel academically. Once again, this defines the importance of coding for schools. Because with a high level of logical thinking, children become curious and inquisitive learners who thrive better than other counterparts.

6. Creates a Roadmap for Success

Teaching how to code also helps students to develop essential skills like design thinking, teamwork, cooperation, patience, etc. All this supports their long-term success. And it is also right to believe that this success translates perfectly into their adulthood. Because candidates with enhanced skillsets are highly acclaimed in the workplace.  

7. Nurtures Perseverance

One of the prominent reasons to teach coding to students is to nurture consistency and perseverance. When children learn key concepts, and wait for results, they understand how the process of learning depends on respective stages. They also learn the importance of mastering skills to succeed. Instead of working frivolously over a given scenario/problem/task/project.

8. Out-of-Box Thinking

Online schools that provide coding classes for kids also aim at developing high-order thinking capabilities, wherein a student learns how to look for alternatives in case one odd solution fails. This means that a student learns to develop an attitude based on reasoning. And he/she also develops a never-ending zeal to resolve issues despite all obstacles/failures.

9. An Edge in the Competitive World

Skills like coding and computer application degrees are certainly a passport to better job opportunities in this competitive world. Do you know that in India, graduates with a degree in computer application have an employability scope of over 30.6%?

So here this fact explains it all!

10. Mathematical Skills

An interesting study also proves that coding platforms can facilitate learning and strengthen the conceptual understanding of students (related to geometry, measurements, spatial perception, angles, etc.).This means that students who learn how to code have higher chances of excelling in mathematical subjects/topics as well.

Benefits of coding for kids| Coding for schools

Why is it Important to Teach Coding from an Early Age?

Let’s answer this question with some facts!

  • As per Science Daily (an international news website), teaching programming at an early stage through appropriate technologies and strategies promotes creativity in students. This study also highlights the fact that there is a relationship between computational thinking and programming. At the crucial stages of early education, computational thinking acts as a broader practice that encompasses problem-solving. While programming is a practice that supports cognitive tasks and fosters skills.
  • Another similar study proves that coding for kids in their early years has more lasting effects and is less expensive. While the same was not the same for older students.

How to Teach Students Coding?

The most common ways of teaching coding to students are through games, online classes, tutorials, and lesson plans conducted by expert educators. Top accredited online schools have trained teachers to teach coding as a full-fledged subject integrated into the online curriculum. You can also try coding courses through websites. In addition, there are some programming books as well that can be purchased from e-commerce platforms.

Quick Tips to Teach Coding for Schools

  • Make use of the interdisciplinary approach to integrate learning with other disciplines.
  • Try to use pedagogies like collaborative learning.
  • Make it interactive instead of passive.
  • Use the show-and-do method for younger age groups. And start with simpler tasks.
  • Let children enjoy computer games, animations, and fun-filled activities.
  • Allow enough practice time as there is an individual pace at which each student learns.
  • Trust your students that they possess the innate abilities to master these skills. 
  • Use reinforcement techniques just like any other subject.

Final Thoughts

When kids learn to code they start getting equipped with the fast-paced digital world around them. Hope all these details could cascade the message accurately as to how coding is the foundation of our future workforce.

Give your kid an early start and wait till the little genius unfolds his/her impeccable coding skills!

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Coding for Kids?
    Coding is a set of instructions that a user gives to the computer.
  • How to Teach Children to Code?
    You can find some great websites that provide online coding classes for kids. In addition, it is also a good idea to enroll the child in an accredited online school that already covers this subject under its curriculum.
  • What are the top reasons to teach coding to students?
    Students learn skills like critical thinking, develop logical understanding, patience. And also about the varied ways of tackling a single problem/task.

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