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Building A Super Skill Importance of Punctuality in a Student’s Life

Building A Super Skill: Importance of Punctuality in Student’s Life

What does IST stand for you?

Is it Indian standard time or Indian stretchable time?

Most of us already know that it is quite common for Indians to be late for parties, work, get-togethers, and practically everything. To many of us, punctuality importance is almost null and void. Because we mostly do not expect buses, trains, house help, etc. to be on time in our everyday lives. Despite these harsh realities, does being comfortable with unpunctual behavior justify this trend/habit in the first place?

Not really!

On the contrary, being punctual with time is one of the important qualities/virtues of a person. It is also true that this is an essential trait that acts as a stepping stone for long-term success.

For students, developing the quality of punctuality is equally important to attain success in life. In fact, some research also proves that this virtue has a positive correlation with better academic achievements.

Let’s dig deeper and understand the importance of punctuality in students life.

Read on.

Define Punctuality

As per the dictionary definition, being punctual is doing thing/things at a particular (expected) time. In general, this quality saves time and energy. And this quality also makes an individual likable. After this definition, let’s understand the importance of punctuality in students life.

What is the Importance of Punctuality for Online Students?

Being Disciplined and Organized

When an online student learns to be punctual, he/she develops a more disciplined approach to life. In other words, being punctual with time helps in meeting deadlines, managing workload, and staying away from academic stress caused due to procrastination habits. Punctual students are also better organized with their academic load. And also make an efficient use of time despite other life priorities. For instance, a student who starts studying at the right time (is punctual with schedules) also finishes the course/work/assignment on time.

Shows the Ability of Being a Good Professional

If a student understands punctuality importance it adds to one’s employability prospects in the future. For students, these habits cannot be strengthened overnight. Hence, it is ideal to start making it a way of life.

Our Indian students are likely to face many problems, as they will have to battle unemployment and hone their skill sets to meet the needs of the dynamic workforce.

  • Do you know that in 2019, 76% of Indians believed that lack of opportunities is a big problem in our country?

Similarly, the employability rates of young Indians are another big cause of concern.

  • It is an unfortunate fact that we Indians struggle with relevant employability skills. Back in the year 2023, only 50.3% of our Indian students were employable. Another interesting yet alarming fact is that 80% of our Indian engineers were not job-ready. And only 2.5% of them had artificial intelligence skills (required in the current industry).  

In this competitive and skill-driven world, punctuality importance is top-rated for our students. It is not only a highly valued quality for professionals. But also a great way to prove that an individual is a responsible one (values time the way he/she should).  

some facts about punctuality

Avoids Stressful Situations

The importance of punctuality in students life also extends to one’s ability to complete academic pursuits well. In this way, they avoid stressful situations (like pending work, etc.). In the present time, academic institutions focus on building time management skills in students. Because it is essential to be punctual and avoid stressful situations caused due to poor time management.

It is heartbreaking to see that 63.5% of Indian students experience academic stress. 

Percentage of students  experience academic stress

If you wish to know some effective time management tips, read this related article. “Time Management Tips for Students: Ace Your Classes and Reduce Stress

Building Habits for the Lifetime

When an individual is punctual, he/she also builds a great pathway for long-term success. Punctual students develop this great habit for a lifetime. A a punctual individual appears as more honest, dedicated, and trustworthy. And speaks volumes about his/her credibility in life or career as well.    

Utilizing the Day Well

It is easy to understand that when one is punctual with time, he/she tends to complete the tasks on time. All this leaves more scope for personal choices (like leisure, hobbies, sports, etc.). And eventually, makes life more fulfilling for the student.

If you feel your child lacks time for personal interests, do consider online schooling to spare more quality time each day. Meanwhile, do read our school details to know about the perks of online schooling in India! 

How Can Online Students Develop the Quality of Being Punctual with Time?

As an online student, it is better to practice this virtue with all big and small tasks. For instance, do not wait for assessments to set alarms. Instead, start using these strategies/practices to log into online classes every day. For other assignments etc. make use of online planners and schedules. And if needed take a couple of prints to pin around the study table. The next effective way to avoid being tardy is to practice the habit of zero procrastination. This will also make you more punctual with things.   

Transformational Tips to Help Students Be Punctual (For Stakeholders)

  • Teachers/stakeholders must explain the importance of punctuality in students life by mentioning the negative impact of being unpunctual.
  • Set the right example with self-discipline and demonstrate time management skills.
  • Help students practice punctuality even with the smallest things in life (like assignment submission, etc.)
  • Appreciate students who prove themselves to be punctual with time.
  • Assist students in learning ways of reducing distractions like excessive screen time etc. Promote gadget-free time.
  • Use positive reinforcement strategies to encourage being on time.
  • Share real-life examples of achievers to prove the merits of knowing the value of time.
Tips to help student be punctual

Final Thoughts

Recognizing the importance of punctuality in students life reaps great benefits across many aspects of life. In this age of information overload and distractions, our younger generations need to learn the value of time from the initial stages of their lives. Parents must keep reinforcing good behavior to strengthen these qualities in students. In addition, a good school also plays a vital role in further building on these. We conclude this write-up with this invaluable piece of advice for our readers:


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the meaning of punctuality?
    We can define punctuality as the quality of being punctual/being on time. This virtue helps an individual to stay stress-free. And makes him/her more productive.
  • Why is punctuality so important in life?
    When an individual is punctual, he/she is more likable, reliable, and trustworthy. All this adds great value to a person. By understanding punctuality importance a person is also able to establish better relationships in life.

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