Creativity in kids what is it and ways to Improve creativity

Creativity in kids: What is it and How to Improve creativity?

It’s amazing to be creative and imaginative.

These qualities extend unbeatable advantages in almost all stages of life. And for kids, a creative mind drives the development processes in many ways.

Do you know that heightened creativity levels can do wonders for kids?

Yes! Being creative pays great dividends.  

But is creativity an inborn trait in an individual?

Or is there a way to hone this quality?

Let’s take up this burning question, how to improve creativity skills.

Read on.

What is Creativity?

In the simplest terms, creativity is the ability to bring something innovative and new into existence. This skill/ability is associated with better problem-solving and mental growth. So when we improve creativity in kids, they gain more confidence and develop perseverance as well.   

Why is Creativity Important for Kids?

Before we discuss, how to improve creativity skills, let’s explore the importance of being creative and imaginative. A creative individual inspires big thoughts and has the power to turn imaginative ideas into reality.

What else does creativity help with?

Let’s explore. 

Linked with Resilience

When we help children to improve creativity, they develop the ability to thrive through difficult situations. Experts have proved that this skill makes a child express feelings better. In this way, it empowers them to build successful relationships and develops resilience in them.  

Unconventional Expression

When parents/caregivers know how to boost creativity in kids, it helps them to make connections across concepts. When kids succeed in making these connections, their ability to express thoughts unconventionally automatically improves.

Have you noticed how some kids are brilliant at presenting ideas, and exhibit unique linguistic expression?


It is the magic of being creative and imaginative that makes all this possible.

Globally, stakeholders believe in working on how to improve creativity through educational programs and curriculum designs. And they include elements of socio-emotional learning and exploration for the best learning experience.

Do you know that confining your child’s learning to narrow academic goals hampers his/her all-round development?


A study (in the U.S.A.) proves that our traditional schooling designs can lead to a decline in a child’s level of creativity. 85% of the kids were found less creative than the kids of the 1980s.

A striking drop rate?

Isn’t it?

Percentage of kids found to less creative then creative in 1980

The Career Advantage

Do you know that being creative and imaginative is one of the strongest determinants of workplace success?


According to a Forbes report, creative thinking stands as one of the most sought-after skills amongst employers between 2024 and 2027. 70% of employers look for this skill in candidates.

Developmental Skills

By understanding how to improve creativity skills, we also help our kids reach their highest potential. Creative activities offer excellent ways of improving cognitive, social, language, emotional, and motor development in kids.

Imagine a 7-year-old painting a landscape. Isn’t this the best way to improve physical movements, express emotions, and develop new ideas at the same time?

By far, we have discovered that creativity is the key to exploration and long-term success. It’s time to answer the next aspect now, how to boost creativity in kids?

How to Improve creativity in kids

How to Improve Creativity in Kids?

Explore Nature

Leading international agencies prove that outdoor activities help our minds to restore attention. Spending time with nature drives creative behavior. Because it expands the scope for new thoughts in an open space. Being in the lap of nature helps kids to unleash their creative pursuits in a fulfilling way.

Bring the magic of mother nature into the child’s life. Go hiking, try rappelling, explore rock climbing, and encourage nature walks with some fun gardening activities. 

So now you know how to boost creativity with this cost-effective idea.

Fuel Imagination with SEL activities

Creative play in small groups or pairs is another excellent way to hone more than one skill at a time.

Sometimes kids understand how to improve creativity when they collaborate with others. Building social and emotional skills (social-emotional learning) through role plays is a wonderful way of spicing up every day mundane activities with more meaningful tasks.

Do not confine solutions to readymade answers alone. Let the kids imagine unusual answers to typical questions while they learn to come to a consensus with other play partners.

Some Related Findings:

There is an urgent need to incorporate SEL in our curriculums and instructional delivery. A survey reveals that only 58.5% of Indian kids identified emotions correctly. At the same time, 31.3% of them gave empathetic responses for an age-appropriate situation. 

Identified all emotions58.50%
Gave empathetic responses31.30%
Preferred communication to resolve problems2.50%
Survey findings abut Indian kids | how to improve creativity

Ambiance Matters

Kids cannot be creative and imaginative in a stifled family atmosphere. Allow your kids to breathe in a judgment-free environment. Give them fun projects and have ample unstructured free play time over and above the regular academics.

Remember that you are the architect of your child’s life!

So embrace all shades of creativity. And appreciate novel ideas generously.

Be open to UNUSUAL IDEAS to improve creativity.

And make use of phrases like ‘Why Not?’ quite often.

Citing a few examples here:

Why can’t a unicorn have multiple tails and still be magical?

This time Cinderella is well-off and decides to reach the ball peeping from the sun roof of her Lamborghini.

All trees in the forest learn to fly and escape the dreaded axe forever!

A family that knows how to boost creativity often embraces such unique ideas gladly.

Create a Play Calendar

Our next tip will be a guiding light in your journey to discover how to improve creativity. Have a special mention of play (both structured and unstructured) and activities when you plan your child’s schedule/calendar. Include activities and games like charades, miming, drama, debates, what’s in the box, and what if, etc. Make it more meaningful by applauding the most creative and imaginative ideas with a treat/reward.

Discuss your doubts with other stakeholders including your child’s teachers. And seek their help to improve creativity in your everyday life.

Final Words

The best thing about how to improve creativity skills is the fun of being creative yourself. Kickstart the process to spark creativity with some fun ideas. And do not forget to supplement your child’s journey to creativity with a supportive school.

K8 School, India’s best online school now offers the ultimate advantage of virtual schooling. Join hands with our expert faculty, and help your child discover his/her most creative version. Online learning addresses complex issues like how to improve creativity perfectly. Do reach out to us for a detailed overview of our skill-based programs.  

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What promotes a sense of creativity in children?
    All kids love to explore and discover on their own. Promote an inquisitive attitude and spark creativity through hands-on activities.
  • How to improve creativity in kids?
    With reinforcement, an open learning environment, and enough opportunities, kids learn how to boost creativity.
  • How to train creativity?
    Be a role model and challenge obvious solutions with more innovative ideas.
  • How to explain creativity to a child?
    Kids are curious beings. Try experiential learning opportunities and hands-on activities to explain the meaning of being creative.


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