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The Importance of Communication Skills For Students & Pro Tips to Improve These

The Importance of Communication Skills For Students & Pro Tips to Improve These

With an all-time high competition for our students, there is an inherent need to develop more and more skills. Our education industry has shifted from a typical certificate-oriented system to a skill-driven paradigm. Hence, there is a great relevance of communication skills for our Indian students. 

What is Communication?

Communication is the exchange of meaning between people through some common symbols. It makes the process of receiving, delivering, and understanding a message possible. In this way, it allows the receiver of information to interpret the delivered information/message.

What are The Different Types of Communication Skills?

What are The Different Types of Communication Skills

Broadly, communication skills can be divided into the following categories:

Verbal– Communication through spoken language

Nonverbal– To express without words only through body language and expressions

Visual- Expression through art, diagrams, charts, pictures, etc.  

Written- Medium of expression through symbols, written language, number

With the growing inclination towards online education (online schools), and remote jobs, there is more focus on written communication than ever.

India’s top online school, K8 School is a step ahead in acknowledging the importance of communication skills in English. Know our practices that promote communication skill-building right from the elementary stage of schooling.

Top 10 Importance of Communication Skills for Students

Regard & Respect

There is a lot of importance of communication skills to students in their schooling years. A respectful person is always likable. And the ability to express well with respect is a great quality for any individual. All parents/stakeholders must try to be role models for the students at all times. Because our selection of words directly affects our younger generations.

Promotes Collaboration

The next important benefit that proves the importance of communication skills is that students can learn teamwork/collaboration. The ability to interact well makes it easier to pass on the exact message and get things done in a single go. This has a knock-on effect on the teamwork. And it also adds great value to the skills of the team players.

Top traditional and online schools make use of numerous activities to promote collaboration among students. These activities serve a dual purpose of developing effective verbal communication in students. And once the students possess these, they can in turn use these skills in collaborating with their team members.

Supports Interpersonal Skills

The relevance of communication skills also extends to interpersonal skills. This ability helps in maintaining good relationships. And also makes relations smooth without many conflicts All in all, the ability to interact precisely and clearly hones interpersonal skills. And create a foundation for stable bonds within a group/individuals.

Success in Life

Soft skills like communication are the foundation of workplace success. And a good mix of career success and solid personal relationships contribute to a fulfilling life eventually.

Career Preparedness

Here’s an interesting example for you!

Can you guess the time spent by project managers in communicating?


To cut a long story short, a project manager spends almost 90% of the time communicating with others. This example proves the importance of communication skills in this globally connected world and the workplace.

Today, the global workforce relies on soft skills (problem-solving, creativity, communication, adaptability, teamwork, collaboration, leadership, etc.). And for our Indian students, the importance of communication skills in English is the foundation for improving employability.

As of 2022, 46.2% of the Indian youth were employable. And in the following year 2023, 50.3% of them were employable.

Instills Confidence

While discussing the 10 importance of communication we must take up the aspect of confidence. Sound skills to communicate automatically make an individual confident. On the other hand, if one lacks these skills, there is an adverse effect on one’s confidence levels. To nurture confident individuals, we must create opportunities that help in developing all types of communication skills. In fact, this is where the selection of a good school comes into play!

If you wish to select the best school in India for skill-building (like communication, creativity, and problem-solving), do visit this page.

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

An interesting study concluded that oral communication proficiency largely contributes to academic excellence. This means that for wholesome education that leads to holistic development, there is a lot of importance of communication skills to students. We can easily relate to the fact that students who have good interpersonal communication, and the ability to interact take less time. They also end up being more productive in their school life (online school or traditional). 

Teaches Active Listening

Active listening is a great soft skill in today’s world. It keeps the speaker assured that you are actively engaged in the ongoing conversation. All this improves the quality of relationships. In addition, it also supports better understanding between individuals.


One’s ability to interact effectively also helps in establishing strong bonds that can last for a long time. As discussed earlier, such individuals are likable. Most people wish to have friends/connect with individuals who possess these skills.

Ability to Use Multiple Channels/Methods 

Here’s an example again that proves the importance of communication skills in English.

After the pandemic, India saw a new paradigm of full-fledged virtual learning similar to the most advanced education systems in the world (like the U.S.A.). Students who are effective communicators can seamlessly take up educational alternatives like online schools. In fact, they can use the endless knowledge of the internet to their advantage. And research topics to enhance their learning.  

Pro Tips & Ways to Improve Communication Skills in Online Classes

  • Participate actively and be prepared for the class.
  • Collaborate with others who have sound communication skills.
  • Make use of all available tools to check grammar, know the pronunciation, etc.
  • Use downloadable worksheets to practice grammar and sentence construction.
  • Speak your thoughts in front of the mirror.  

Effect of Poor Communication Skills

Now that we know the relevance of communication skills, let’s discuss what happens when one does not have these skills.

In the absence of good communication skills, an individual is not able to cascade information, lead the team, or encourage anyone positively. It creates a barrier to passing the right message. And very often it can also hinder one’s productivity at work. In some cases, people may also feel the need to disconnect from such individuals.  

Final Thoughts

We hope we can help you to understand the importance of communication skills in English in the Indian context. Fortunately, we are in an age that has numerous channels (online and offline) to help students hone these skills. Go ahead and help your child to master these skills to crack the best opportunities in the global workplace.  

Thanks for Reading! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is communication?
    Broadly, communication is the process of sharing and receiving information through a set of symbols.  
  • What are the different types of communication?
    The different types of communication are:
    • Verbal
    • Written
    • Visual
    • Non Verbal
  • How do good communication skills affect school performance?
    Students with good communication skills are likely to do well academically.
  • What are the benefits of developing communication skills?|
    When one is able to communicate well, it establishes strong bonds and helps in improving productivity. It can also make one likable.

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