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Is Homework important? An Insight into its advantages and disadvantages

When it comes to the schooling of our children, we settle for nothing but the best.

And why not? We all know that good schooling extends great opportunities in one’s life. From job prospects to skill development, this base of formal education has a make-or-break effect in anyone’s life.

Most of the time, the quality and academic achievements we expect do not seem possible during the regular school hours.

So, we extend work beyond the defined school hours and align ‘HOMEWORK’ to meet the desired learning goals.

At the initial stages of education, parents help with homework. They fully understand its importance in their child’s academic progress. Later on, students take up the responsibility to complete their work given as homework assignments and this practice goes on and on.

Year on year, the teachers, students, and parents strive hard to make the ends meet. But there are days when they get overburdened and wonder,


Let’s try and answer this question today, and analyze the pros and cons of extending learning beyond school hours

Ever since the beginning of a formal education system, teachers have constructively used parental assistance at home for a student’s betterment. Because they help in homework and contribute to a child’s overall learning progress beyond the scope of teachers. So, home-based work can be considered important because it is a collaborative effort of parents and teachers for the greater good of the child.

In most cases, the aim behind aligning out of school tasks for students is to cement their learning experiences. Because homework assignment instills a sense of independence in students and make them productive and purposefully engaged outside school.

Studying outside the school does not guarantee better academic achievements but still has possible advantages and disadvantages

Let’s take a quick look at the advantages that prove why homework is important!

  • Devoting extra hours to studying can instill better study habits and time management skills.
  • It also helps in providing a structured pathway to learn independently. Eventually, it helps students to succeed at the next level of formal education.
  • Apart from these advantages, extended studying opportunities beyond school hours also allow parents and students to personalize learning experiences. And this is a great way to channelize the child’s energy through the strategies that work best for him.
  • As parents help with homework, it strengthens their bond with their children. So, they also get a clear idea about their child’s progress and identify the areas of improvement well.
  • Moreover, benefits like intrinsic motivation, improved focus, and better ownership of one’s actions also support the idea of devoting time to studies after school hours.

These advantages are insightful, but still cannot fully answer our questions, ‘why is homework important?’ and ‘is homework good or bad?’

So, let’s move on to the disadvantages and see the other side of this story

  • The biggest disadvantage of studying beyond schooling hours is that it increases academic stress and creates unpleasant conditions for students.
  • Studying at home can also be problematic for students and parents who do not have the time, energy, and infrastructure to carry on high-quality learning at home. For example, a student from an underprivileged family background might not get the required help for homework due to his/her living conditions. So, on a practical side, home-based studies are not feasible for all students at all times.
  • And lastly, with no time for leisure and hobbies, our students are more at risk of mental and physical health issues. This monotony very often makes students unhappy and dull.

So, studying at home has both advantages and disadvantages but, is there a way out?

As stakeholders, we can easily identify with the benefits of extending learning at home and understand why homework should not be banned

While we cannot do away with studying and working extra at home, it is still possible to break free from the growing burden on students.

If we find a middle way and keep a check on the increasing burden on our students, we can ensure better learning along with our student’s well-being.

Fortunately, K8school, India’s first recognized online school, creates an alternative pathway free from the questions like, ‘Is homework good or bad?’

Its expert teaching faculty, 100% online functionality, and effective synchronous classes root out defects like the excessive burden of home-based learning over and above the school hours.

So, now it is possible to channelize your child’s energy fully within school hours and yet achieve great academic results. 

Enroll your child in this futuristic platform and see great results within school hours!

Burden less, happy and joyous school experience awaits you right here!

2 thoughts on “Is Homework important? An Insight into its advantages and disadvantages”

  1. Gautam Miglani

    Well, Homeworks is a great way for revision because otherwise, these children are not going to study at all and the problem is not homework but the amount of homework given. Students need to sleep sometime after long school hours and a high amount of homework becomes burden and doesn’t let them sleep. And if homework is not all interesting then children run away from it.

  2. Prashant

    I remember how regular I was in doing homework because of the threat of school punishment. It is good that this is not the case today and good to see this article on a school website and now they are considering both sides of the story.

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