The Value of Cognia Accreditation Why K8 Stands Out in Quality Education

The Value of Cognia Accreditation: Why K8 Stands Out in Quality Education?

Accreditation proves that an institution maintains the required minimum standards. This voluntary process is carried out through valid accrediting agencies. And one such highly reputed agency is Cognia (Formerly AdvancEd).

In India, most of us know about affiliation (CBSE, CISCE), State boards, etc.)

As of Sep’23, both CBSE and CISCE had a large number of affiliations:

Number of school affiliated by CBSE and CISCE

Post the pandemic, India witnessed a major change with a new form of schooling i.e. 100% online school. This new trend also apprised us with a new quality assurance system through international accreditation agencies. Let’s understand more about this leading agency that supports the delivery of truly international education.

What is Cognia?

Cognia is a global network that comprises educators, guides, and academicians that bring about a change in the quality of an institution. It has 36,000 institutions in over 90 countries. By far, Cognia has supported 18,000,000 students with its superlative services. 

Fortunately, we are now experiencing the difference through a Cognia accredited online school in India. K8 School is India’s first and only recognized school that has this prestigious accreditation. The best features and effective touch of this leading agency make K8 School a one-of-its-kind in the world of education. Let’s understand the true value of being accredited by Cognia. But before that let’s take a look at the defined standards and details of this agency.

Features of Cognia Accreditation

Unlike a regular school affiliation process, Cognia accreditation offers much more than just a collaboration. Cognia serves these two major purposes:

  1. Quality Assurance (defined as status)
  2. Quality Improvement (it is a process)

This leading agency helps in maximizing quality. And it promotes self-reflection, observation, peer review, improvement priorities along with feedback. The regular period for a single development cycle (Cognia Performance Standards) is six years. After this, the institution has to go through the cycle again.

What are the Parameters to get Cognia Accredited?

For K-12 and post-secondary institutions, Cognia has certain criteria called Performance Standards. These help an institution to drive continuous improvement.

Here’s a look at the brief gist of these key performance standards (for traditional or online school):

  1. Leaders to cultivate a culture free from bios.
  2. The institution’s mission, beliefs, and principles should be based on the learner’s well-being.
  3. All leaders must focus on engaging stakeholders to promote the learner’s well-being.
  4. The formal structure must foster positive relationships with adults and peers.
  5. Professional staff members should embrace collaboration to support learners.
  6. Staff members must receive the support they need to carry out their professional practice effectively.

How does Cognia Support an Institution like K8 School?

As a pioneer accrediting agency, Cognia makes use of observation tools (eleot), teacher observation tools, assessment resources, surveys, etc. to build a learning community. It also extends support through the power of collaboration. This helps an institution to adopt the best practices across a large global community, thereby improving teaching and learning opportunities. This educator community also offers personalized support and helps in resolving institution-specific challenges to drive improvement.

What Does Cognia Accreditation Mean for an Institution?

Broadly, this accreditation is a hallmark of excellence. In fact, if an institution is accredited by Cognia it is:

Legitimate, as these institutions issue 100% valid academic credentials. These are accepted at the next level of formal education (subject to other conditions).

Assures Quality because stakeholders/students trust the level of quality of the institution. In other words, the institution meets the required standards (minimum).

Keen on improving, for constant improvement (including school’s self-improvement).

Focuses on creating student-centric experiences.  

In short, this prestigious agency adds a lot of value to bring positive changes across the entire teaching and learning process.

In India, K8 School has maintained the standards. And the following 4 characteristics are evident:

  • Culture of learning
  • Leadership for learning
  • Engagement of learning
  • Growth in learning
what does cognia accreditation means

Now that we know enough about the accreditation process theoretically, let’s take a live example to delve into the positive impact of Cognia.

K8 School Epitomizes Excellence Through the Cognia Advantage

India’s first accredited online school, K8 School has redefined schooling in India!

This Next-gen school is a perfect example of incorporating the invaluable inputs of Cognia and amalgamating these with the classic elements of the great Indian education system.

A prestigious accrediting agency provides the right handholding to create THE ULTIMATE EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE for students. K8 School designs the best online schooling experience by adhering to the performance standards laid by this reputed agency.

Here’s what we have achieved with this accreditation:

Quality that improves learning capacity

We have the world’s best online curricula, that is supported through the solid foundation of ultimate stakeholder collaboration. Our instructions, assessment patterns, and monitoring mechanisms are perfectly aligned with the accrediting agency.

Operational efficiency by managing resource capacity

At India’s best online school, we have taken the next step from affiliation to being accredited. Our accreditors are the torchbearers who lead the way for optimum resource utilization. Their handholding helps us to plan the best ways of training and using our manpower. And this makes our organization seamless in and out. Eventually, all this perfectly translates to a rich student learning experience.   

Positive Direction through Leadership Capacity

As a leading institution, our academicians are keen to improve their leadership skills with each passing day. Our accreditors guide us. and we at K8 School derive new and productive ways of driving constant improvement for our learners.  

Final Thoughts

Cognia accreditation truly takes K8 School to the NEXT LEVEL!

We invite you to witness this change. And we promise we will prove that we not just meeting RATHER OVERACHIEVING the criterion for the best quality schooling.

Connect with us through a simple process to feel the impact of Cognia accreditation right here in India!

You can also check our Accreditation here:- https://k8school.com/accreditation/

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are affiliation and accreditation the same things?
    These two terms are quite different from each other. The former refers to being attached to an institution. While the latter is a voluntary process that drives quality improvement.
  • Are Cognia and AdvanceEd the same?
    This agency was called AdvancEd initially, later it became Cognia.

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