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10 Astonishing Benefits of Abacus for Kids

10 Significant Benefits of Abacus for Kids

Most of us know about the use of abacus for computing or counting. Its origin was in the 16th and 17th centuries. And since then, it has evolved to a much more advanced version with counters, binding, and wires. In lay man’s words, abacus for kids is a calculation tool that is used for mathematical calculations. But do you know that its list of advantages is quite long and fascinating?

From the initial stages of a child’s holistic development, we focus on the development of all essential domains. But throughout this process, we miss out on some unsung advantages of tools that support us in and out in our endeavors.

In this information age, we have discovered more than ever about the ways of supporting a child’s growth and development process. And many of us also choose abacus classes to help our kids master the skills of calculation. The use of this wonderful tool helps kids to learn calculations like multiplication, subtraction, addition, and division, etc. It is not just captivating, but also helps kids to solve problems in a fun-filled manner.

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10 Significant Benefits of Abacus

#1 Improves Memory Power

Abacus in Math’s allows kids to solve problems. And simultaneously it also improves their memory power. As kids practice and enjoy with colorful beads, they tend to retain information for a longer period of time. This tool helps in their brain development. And as kids learn with great focus, it automatically improves the child’s memory/retention powers.

#2 Engaging

As stakeholders, we all know that one’s engagement is directly associated with better results. This fact equally applies to abacus learning. This tool makes learning highly enjoyable for kids, and they love shifting the beads from one sequence to the other. Most kids are highly vigilant throughout the process. And needless to say, all this makes them focus for a longer time with better engagement.

#3 Develops Analytical Thinking

Appling one’s learning and formulas is a wonderful way to develop accuracy and analytical thinking capabilities. These skills are helpful for students as they grow up. Because it teaches them the manner in which their learning can be applied in the real- world contexts. This productive calculation tool supports the development of analytical thinking seamlessly.

#4 Boosts Creativity

One of the essential skills of the 21st century is ‘creativity’. This tool extends a wonderful opportunity for creative thinking, as kids unleash their creative side while working on this tool to achieve the desired results. Just like adults, kids also try to apply creative ways to reach their goals.

#5 Cognition and Motor Skills

Other benefits of abacus for toddlers also include support in their cognitive and motor development. Kids use movements and hand-eye coordination to solve problems and simultaneously apply their thinking powers to reach the desired results. All this supports their cognition. And this is how abacus helps in brain development and motor skills.

#6 Instills a Love for Learning

A good foundation for academics is based on the zeal to learn and the opportunities created for the child. This tool is a great support to help kids develop a positive attitude towards their own learning. Engaging in activities like these are highly beneficial to reduce stress levels in kids. And this makes them happier learners who thrive better in the upcoming stages of their academic journey.

#7 Simplifies Complex Problems

Children who excel in abacus Maths learn to solve complex problems easily. They are more comfortable handling problems. And find calculations easy as compared with others. The scope of solving complicated puzzles is better for these children. In fact, they are good at handling complicated problems right from an early age.

#8 Ability to focus better

We already know that kids can get distracted easily. But with the help of these tools and activities, they can focus for a long time without any chances of distractions. Another striking benefit is that one’s longer attention span also helps kids to focus better on other tasks such as playing, reading, or writing at home or in a classroom.

#9 Improves the Ability to Visualize

Other than these benefits, kids also learn how to create mental representations and visualize before they calculate. This helps to strengthen the brain’s capacity. And adds great value to their overall cognitive development.

#10 Effective Learning with Accuracy

In the most crucial formative years of a child’s life, it is not just learning that matters, but the ability to derive accurate results. This quality helps an individual even in adulthood, as most of the time, we need to complete our tasks accurately within deadlines. Be it one’s academic journey or general life, learning the art of completing things with accuracy is a highly desirable trait for any successful person. Today, in this digital age, the importance of task completion with accuracy is a highly desirable skill. Most traditional and online schools focus on developing these skills in students.

More About the Advantages of Learning the Abacus

Now that we are convinced of the advantages of abacus, let’s discuss some important facts about child development and the right time to start using this tool:

  • In India, the share of expenses for a child’s education was around 64.71% in 2022-23. The same was around 66% in the years 2020-22.
  • In India, surveys have indicated that the numeric literacy of preschool age-group students is far from satisfactory. According to the National Policy of Education, 2020 over 5 crore school students were under a severe learning crisis.
  • The ideal time to get started with the use of abacus is roughly between 5 to 12 years of age.
  • Early brain development is the most crucial till the first 8 years of a child’s life. And this tool allows kids to use both hands which in turn activates brain cells on both sides.
  • The top 5 platforms in India for abacus learning are Udemy, British Youth International College, Abacus Supermaths, Abacus Master, and Smart Kid Abacus.

What can you teach on an Abacus Counting Frame?

Once we know what is abacus, we can help kids learn the addition of bigger numeric values, arranging beads in ascending or descending order, and placement of values (foundation concepts). This tool is also useful in developing basic numeric skills like multiplication. In fact, it is much easier to teach kids how to multiply this way. Counting processes through a mental picture basic beginner mathematics and arrangement of rows with small and big values can be best taught with the use of this tool. All in all, the child can learn calculations of single and even double numbers easily.  

Before we wrap up, let’s take a quick look at some research findings that prove the utility of this calculation tool:

  • A study concludes that the uses of abacus in daily life helps in improving academic achievements, auditory memory, perceptive attitudes, cognitive abilities, concentration, and creativity.
  • Another similar research shows that making use of this tool improves one’s attention, memory, overall cognitive abilities, and creativity as well.

Striking Benefits of this Calculation Tool ABACUs

Benefits of Abacus for students

Final Thoughts:

The colorful world of abacus is a wonderful gateway to learning, fun, and mastery in mathematical calculations. Our young stars are already packed with loads of energy, all they need is our unconditional love and mindful handling. The educational value of calculating tools like this is a great start to the promising journey of STEM learning.

The present condition of our Indian students in the proficiency of Maths is not very impressive. Only 12.3% of India’s lower secondary students (between 10-16 years) were proficient in basic Mathematics (As per UNESCO’s SDG 4 report).

Proficiency in mathematics of Indian Students

The future of our young needs a strong foundation of Mathematics to succeed in the globally competitive workforce. And abacus learning is one way of strengthening their abilities from the very start.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a abacus?
    It is a calculation tool that is used to teach basic mathematics. Other than this benefit, there are various other advantages of this tool. It boosts creative thinking, problem-solving, cognitive and motor development, etc.
  • What are the benefits of learning abacus?
    This calculation tool improves concentration, memory power, visualization, imagination, and attention span, etc. 
  • How to use abacus?
    The placement of beads is decided as per the values of tens, hundreds, and thousands in the beginning stages. Addition is done from the left side. And similarly, beads are pushed back and forth as per the desired calculation methods.
  • What is the need for abacus India?
    Indian kids need a strong foundation in Maths to develop the necessary skills for the 21st century. This tool helps in engaging kids purposefully. And creates a joyous learning experience that eventually develops a love for learning in them.
  • Mention some benefits of abacus for adults
    Adult brain needs additional exercises to sharpen with time. This tool helps in improving the power to focus. And also supports the brain power to compute with accuracy.


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