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Building Well-Rounded Learners: The Advantages of the American Curriculum

Indian Education Practices is a common point for criticism among the various scholars and social developers. At the same time, they always prefer the American Framework of Curriculum. What could be the possible reasons for this preference?

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Murphy, M. (2007). The Education System is Not Relevant to the 21st. Century. Education2007, 01-01.

An Indian Overview

India had been the center of knowledge and enlightenment for the world in the ancient eras. We have always taken pride in our nation’s educational heritage. Be it the age-old institutions like Nalanda University, the enlightened personalities like Gautam Buddha or the educational philosophers like Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, and many more. India has been home to all.

The entire globe recognized India as the center of knowledge and Indians as the finest of characters. The reason was not the heavy books or the high scores the students achieved but the quality of the education. The quality of education in India, which had inspired the world for ages, started deteriorating when the infamous Macaulay minutes started guiding it in 1835.

After independence, the focus was on increasing literacy. However, the purpose of education remained to fulfill the service demand. The quality, which once was a matter of pride, started falling down to fulfill these objectives. What was once the characteristic feature of the nation, soon became the biggest drawback of the Indian Education System.

The demand for quality

Woke rationals, liberals, and parents started demanding an education that does not manufacture professionals but rather facilitates the learner’s development. This need created the space of various other curriculum practices all over the world.

Researches and statistics show that most countries across the world prefer the American framework of curriculum.

Some reasons for this preference are discussed below.


Unlike Indian Education’s rigidness, the American framework of education offers a flexible learning approach. Especially during those budding years of learning, it is essential to provide an opportunity to explore their surroundings. This opportunity facilitated knowing the true potential of the learner and laid the foundation of one’s character.

This flexibility is not only for learning but for the various societal needs from different sectors of society. This framework offers a more flexible and accommodating approach to learning, especially for the initial years of education.

Opportunity of discovery

It is the point of pondering that freedom and liberty are significant components in American society. These ideals feature in the American curriculum too. Schools following the American curriculum offers self-discovery and exploration to the learner. This helps them to identify their individual interests, capabilities, and skills.

Apart from this, the higher level of education in an American curriculum features a wide variety of subjects ranging from sciences, mathematics to world languages, and social sciences, in addition to extra-curricular activities.

Continuous Evaluation

The evaluation and assessment ‘of’ and ‘for’ learning is important to ensure the effectiveness of education. The more continuous they are, the more effective the education becomes. The education in the American curriculum propagates a continuous evaluation at various levels. The evaluation is neither month-bonded nor score bonded.

Various assignments and project-based assessments are generally the criteria of evaluation in the school following the American curriculum. Hence, the evaluation assesses the quality of learning, and quantity always comes second to it. This gives the focal shift on the understanding of the learner instead of the numerical scoring.

Fostering Creativity

The American framework of curriculum is designed specifically for fostering creativity in young aspiring minds. This makes learning more of a discovery. Various activities throughout the curriculum aim to motivate the learner to identify and use one’s innate potentials to its fullest.

The unburdened learning results in students having ample time to discover and create their own individuality. This makes them motivated to learn every day alongside being self-dependent and a confident individual.

Holistic Development

The most fundamental feature of the American framework of curriculum lies in its approach to making education holistic. Therefore, the curriculum facilitates the complete development of the learner. This development includes the cognitive (intellectual), social, emotional, and physical development of the learner. The education in the American framework favors the retention and development of the individuality of the learner, thus, caters them a personalized learning experience.

American Framework of Curriculum and the only online ‘school’ in India

Even with the introduction of the new advancement in schooling, the American framework of curriculum still upholds its value. Most of the online schools all over the world feature the American framework of curriculum. The features such as the flexibility and quality of the curriculum make it fit for the use in most of the societies which are aspiring to grow and develop themselves.

In India, the schools offering the American curriculum are expensive and inaccessible to the major group of the country. The K8 School, India’s first and only accredited online school believes that quality education is not a luxury but rather a necessity of humankind. Hence, we offer you the most affordable learning experience with the American curriculum without compromising on the quality.

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  1. Akanksha

    step towards modern education with traditional values

  2. Suhana

    After reading this particular blog, I absolutely feel that the American Curriculum is the best in the world!!

  3. Suhana

    After reading this particular blog, I absolutely feel that the American Curriculum is the best in the world!!

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    Geçiyor tabi zaman, benden geçmiyor. Hindistan eğitimi hızlı

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