With Online Schooling, every student succeeds – Here’s how?

Teachers are often called the mentors of all the professions of the world. Being a teacher for the last 11 years, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of numerous students’ lives. Off late, I had decided to be a part of an online school. 

During my initial days, my heart was filled with mixed emotions, for all the beliefs of being a student-centric, modern, researched methodology, and whatnot. I was yet to experience the benefits of online school myself. Finally, the day came when my journey as an online teacher started off.

When I settled down nicely to settle down in the system and gradually understood why online schooling is so promising. Of all my experiences, what stood out is the impact of online schooling on one of my students Dhruv.

Teachers are often called the mentors of all the professions of the world.

Trust me, I hate calling a student ‘academically backward’, but this is what my student Dhruv was labeled by his previous school teachers.

Dejected, his parents started looking for some options which could help their child. Online schooling came to them as one of the possible solutions for their concern. His family was finding answers to their question “What is online education” and eventually decided to enroll him with us.

I happened to be his teacher since day one and eventually got to know him better.

Initially, when I started taking online classes for him some traces of disinterest were clearly visible. He often seemed to ponder in his own wonderland and used to say ‘I am bored’ during the initial sessions.

Despite all these, there was something about him that made him stand out.

Dhruv was a neglected child in a crowded classroom.

As I took more and more one’ O’ one classes with him, I got to know that he had been sitting in the back seat of the classroom for years. He never got a chance to speak and participate much. I often encouraged him to answer but he could not trust so much personalized attention. As online education in India is a new concept both I and Dhruv were exploring more of it during or initial days.

As a tool in the hands of an experienced teacher, I looked for an opportunity to know about his past experiences that made him the way he was.  A casual round of talk for about 20 minutes proved to be an eye-opener for me.

My student Dhruv was bearing the brunt of a faulty teacher-led instructional delivery.

It was sad to see that he was a bright and capable child who always wanted to be heard, but when no one listened to him, he started to wander in his dreamland and gradually preferred to be this way. His “academic backwardness” was the failure of his teachers to engage him and not much of his fault.

This much was enough for me to understand that his parents wish to avail the advantages of online education to improve his academic base. Rightly so, the online school was a perfect solution for him.

It was now time to bring out the ‘Excellent Performer Dhruv’.

I knew that mentoring a student is not an overnight process, but this is what a teacher is there for!

I decided to gain more knowledge about the education of the 21st century and started using strategies of online schooling with him. I started with building a good rapport and gradually started working on his academic deficiencies. I decided to pay attention to his concept building and took an extra effort to clarify basic concepts once again before moving forward.

In this endeavor, I had to repeat and repeat myself again, but I was sure that this will work.

Eventually, Dhruv performed better than our expectations in the assessments. Not only in terms of his academic performance but also his overall approach to learning, he was no more a backward and disinterested student.

Let me quickly summarize the benefits of an online school that worked wonders with my student:

Personalized attention

With online schooling, I got to plan a personalized study schedule for Dhruv. This means that the instructions delivered were planned exclusively for him. I took his learning style, intelligence type, and unique learning needs in mind while planning his classes.

Self-paced study model

Dhruv needed extra attention on Maths and seemed to go well with the language. I made sure that he paid extra time to Maths and gained conceptual understanding to overcome his previous academic deficiencies. This time distribution made him better with his pain area.

24*7 access to best online content

With the education of the 21st-century online schooling offers accessibility to researched resources and content round the clock. Dhruv could use the learning platform and study outside the dedicated hours of his school anytime.

Focus on the happiness factor-

Last but not least, online schooling is way more student-centric and joyous for a student. Dhruv had the best time of his life while attending his online classes. With a perfect mix of freedom and control, he thrived academically within a happy online learning environment.

Final Words:

I have always believed that a teacher can make a lasting impact in the life of a student. Thanks to the almighty that I could do justice to myself and my profession. However, this thanksgiving is not complete without thanking the authorities and technical support teams of my accredited online school.

My ideas were supported perfectly with the benefits of online school. Finally, as a teacher, I hope and pray that we embrace online schooling wholeheartedly and avail the blessing of technology-based education more and more. Maybe this can help several more students like Dhruv to unleash their actual potential and be the actual brilliant learners that they are!

3 thoughts on “With Online Schooling, every student succeeds – Here’s how?”

  1. Tarun Sharma

    I hope every child gets a teacher like you and gets the opportunity to attain his full potential.

  2. Nasim

    The happiness factor is something we all have forgotten to focus upon. This should be the primary concern for both the parents and the teacher. Being a high-end achiever is something which everybody wants from their children but not at the cost of happiness.

  3. Mayank Mann

    I would like to meet this teacher in person who has so much patience. Most of the teachers just blame it on the system or on the child rather than spending this much time on every single kid.

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