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Importance of Sports in Student’s Life

The importance of sports in student’s life is not limited to one’s fitness alone. It has varied advantages that include productive use of leisure time. And also supports one’s life with sound mental health. As stakeholders, we already know that a student’s holistic development is the basis of a successful life. And engaging in sports develops the necessary capabilities that help them to thrive across all the smooth and rough phases of life.

Despite the increasing awareness about the threats of lifestyle diseases and problems caused due to inactivity, many people still consider academic achievements are the sole purpose of schooling.

In this write-up, we will discuss the importance of sports, and its advantages. And the crucial things that students learn through games and sports in general life.

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Importance of Games and Sports for Students

Sports is a wonderful way of developing qualities like resilience, perseverance and a never say die spirit. In fact, research has already proved that the lessons learned in sports create a positive impact on students in their adult lives.  Other than these well-known benefits, engaging in sports at the school level can help students in many more ways. And now that we are in this digital age, the threats of an inactive lifestyle constantly hover around us. Sports benefits are all the more important in this digital age, as students are exposed to a sedentary lifestyle from an early age.

Do you know that our Indian adolescents do not indulge in enough physical activity?

Here’s a supporting fact to explain this better:

Physical activity is an essential component to keep one’s mind and body fit. But in India, our children do not indulge in enough physical activity. According to WHO, 72% of Indian adolescents (boys only) were found inactive in the year 2016. And the situation was equally pathetic in the case of girls. India also ranked 8th in the worst countries where adolescents lack sufficient physical activity. And this proves the need to improve health and physical education opportunities for the well-being of our younger generations.

How can physical education help our school students?

A good curriculum strikes the right balance between curricular and co-curricular activities. And thankfully, our policymakers have already acknowledged the importance of sports in students life. Indian schools have started working on developing this balance of sports and education for students through a well-planned curriculum. And all this has helped in strengthening our education system with the much-needed dimensions of sports and physical education.

Our students spend a good amount of time in school. This means that we can utilize this opportunity for talent identification and mentoring them for excellence. Sports framework helps our students to explore their innate potential in the formative years of schooling. It is also an effective way of identifying the right talent that can contribute to our great sporting country. Other than promoting physical activity, sports also plays a vital role in organizing the student’s social experiences. It allows them to apply numerous concepts that they had learned in the classes (like motion, weight awareness, energy, etc.). And also creates a channel to use their energy constructively.

Do you know that of 12.82% Indians prefer participating in Cricket more than any other sport?

Before we move ahead, let’s take a look at some popular sports in our country as per a survey:

Popular sports in our country

Let’s move on to the benefits of sports to build skills in our students.

How can health and physical education Support Skill Building?

Engaging in sports helps our young minds to develop leadership qualities. It is also a wonderful medium to teach them the value of self-governance. Other than these benefits physical education also helps them to create a positive identity. Engaging in sports activities is the most constructive way of spending leisure time wisely. Through sports, children learn great life skills. And most importantly the value of social bonding, collaboration, and teamwork. All in all, there is no better way than sports to develop a sense of belongingness in students for each other.

Life Skills developed by taking participation in sports

Importance of Games and Sports to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Our world is changing rapidly after the pandemic. And this has highlighted the importance of emotional intelligence to combat the increasing complexities of life. The ability to accept and manage emotions is now a competence for each individual in the present times. And thankfully, sports activities are the most effective tool that improves a student’s emotional competence. It helps them in dealing with adversities. And eventually, enhances the overall quality of their life.

The ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle and inactivity can also be reduced by promoting engagement in games and sports. In fact, a good lifestyle also reduces the chances of developing bad habits like smoking, etc. Participation in physical activities channelizes energy in the right direction and fights negative emotions that deplete an individual’s quality of life.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has highlighted a positive correlation between engagement in sports and a reduction in chances of anti-social behavior. Individuals who are active in sports are also likely to avoid drug use.

How can we help our generations make the most of sports benefits?

Now that we have discussed the importance of sports in students life, it is essential to understand the ways in which we can promote physical activity in our children (enrolled in regular or online schools).

As per the National Health Portal (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India), children and adolescents between the age groups 5-17 years must engage in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity every day (original source -WHO).

Graph Showing recommended physical Activity as per age group

Importance of Physical Education in Nation building

Physical activity is not just a medium to develop social and personal qualities, but also a tool for nation building. Sports unites countries and supports international peace by promoting harmony. It develops a sense of cooperation among individuals. And also instills universal brotherhood. Sports events are a medium to spread the message of peace and unity across the world population. All in all, it helps individuals to learn the desirable ways of bringing positive change in the society. In the present times when the world is facing common challenges therefore, the power of constructive thinking is a much-needed tool to empower our human race.

Final Thoughts

School education is a complex process that includes domains like cognitive, social, emotional, and physical. Academics alone cannot help our students to develop all these well. It is a healthy change that most stakeholders have already realized the importance of physical education for the holistic development of students. However, we still need to push our children more to develop these habits right from the formative stages of their formal education.

To lead a happy and healthy life, academic development should be complemented by physical activities. In addition, reducing the intake of junk food, and indulging in mindful activities (like meditation and yoga, etc.) is equally essential. Let’s bring about the desired change in the lives of our beloved children. After all, our country is home to one of the world’s youngest populations in the world, and our younger generations are rightly believed to be our biggest asset!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the importance of games and sports essay?
    Games and sports have multiple health benefits. Exercise and physical activity is also a proven way of reducing the risk of obesity. It is also the best way to stay away from chronic diseases. There are numerous positive benefits of being physically active, such as better sleep quality and reduced risk of lifestyle disorders (like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc.).
  • What are some highlights of the best short speech about education?
    Good education has a make-or-break effect on the life of an individual. It is a pathway to a fulfilling and successful life. And eventually helps in improving one’s quality of life. Education determines one’s ability to be an active contributor to the society at large. Without good education, an individual can never reach his/her highest potential. This is a primary pre-requisite to be a constructive individual, fully capable of working for the betterment of the country. Education is often linked with positive results like better-paying jobs and secure life. However, this imperative tool of change also makes one a good person, who can empathize with others and is kind to the ones around him/her.
  • Write a short paragraph on importance of education.
    In general, education is the most important aspect that helps in attaining the broad goals of life. An educated person is believed to have desirable qualities. And the chances to enjoy the luxuries of life are higher for him/her. The biggest advantage of education is that it develops the capabilities of good decision-making. In addition, it improves chances to be more aware of the issues in the world.  
  • What is the importance of health and physical education for young children?
    An individual’s health and physical activity are directly related to brain health, risks of lifestyle diseases, and the ability to work. It reduces the chances of physical and mental health disorders. And supports a person in leading a fulfilling life.


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