H3N2 Virus How Online Education can help in Protecting Our Kids

H3N2 Virus: How Online Education can help in Protecting Our Kids?

After a period of relief and relaxation in the Covid precautions, a sudden spike in the cases of the new H3N2 viral infection has once again raised an alarm for us. The recent virus is a bigger cause of concern. Because both Covid and H3N2 flu symptoms are quite similar to each other. And experts are suggesting pandemic precautions to safeguard the masses from these threats. 

As of 1st April’23, Maharashtra alone reported 3,58,073 suspected cases of influenza (between 1st January to 29th March). The state also reported 451 cases of H1N1 and 361 cases of H3N2 along with five deaths. The overall hospitalization rate of 98% (all infected patients including H3N2 influenza). Many other parts of the nation are also reporting similar cases. All in all, influenza is highly contagious and transmits easily from one person to the other. Also, you can check live stats on corona cases here:- Live Covid 19 Statistics

Symptoms of the H3N2 Virus as per the Union Health Ministry

The most common symptoms of this virus are cough, fever, wheezing, etc. The chart below depicts the symptoms with the percentage (observed in patients).

Symptoms of H3N2 influenza infections

It is noteworthy that, 7% of the patients had to be moved to the ICU. While around 10% required oxygen.

Can H3N2 Vaccine or Covid shots Help us from Getting Infected?

In the words of a renowned doctor, vaccines do not protect us against infection. Instead, these are only to protect against disease. The vaccine for this flu is already available in India for a very long time. But again, there is a set pattern of these cases and the number of these cases goes up periodically in cycles.

Most doctors have a common opinion about H3N2 treatment and precautions. And it is clear that our vaccine shots cannot help us to keep these threats at bay. Keeping the present situation in mind we need more credible alternatives to save ourselves and our beloved kids from this virus.

How to Protect Our Kids from H3N2 Flu?

Medical practitioners have raised an alarm for kids, as they are at a higher risk of complications related to this flu. Like any other communicable disease, the H3N2 incubation period is also critical, as the chances of transmission are higher.

Senior doctors have suggested following pandemic precautions once again. So this means that our kids must wear their masks, follow social distancing protocols and wash their hands regularly even while they are in school.

Ways to protect H3N2 Flu

These precautions are a must to save our kids from the risk. But the good news is that this is not the only way out for parents at this point in time!

Instead of choosing regular precautions, we can now be more worry-free by opting for home-based education.

Online Education: A Choice to Safeguard your kid from H3N2 Influenza

H3N2 symptoms like cough, fever, sore throat, etc. are quite similar to the Covid cases, therefore it is not easy to differentiate and safeguard the kids in a large group of students. In the past couple of years, the pandemic has given us a hang of future schooling through a 100% virtual medium.

This option has helped us since the first virus outbreak (168 million school students were affected initially). And continues to serve us through more structured and better educational models.

Our Indian education system has embraced online learning through 100% accredited online schools. This option is a game changer for students as it offers both safety and quality within the comfort of our home.

If you are skeptical about this educational alternative, here’s a quick reality check for you!

Is Virtual Schooling Suitable for Every Child?

  • Virtual learning requires less time. However, it is more productive than a traditional class.
  • Online learning has made education easier for students with impairments/ disabilities.
  • Technology has the power to tailor learning as per the student’s individual requirements. This helps all types of learners (gifted, at-risk, slow, or academically backward) thrive better.

For parents who wish to avoid getting into H3N2 tests and treatments, an online school is a smart choice. Here’s a quick look at the points that you must keep in mind while selecting an online school for your kid.

Checklist for Virtual Schooling

  1. Accreditation– An online school needs to be accredited through a valid accrediting agency. Because it is a sign of both quality and legitimacy.
  2. Online classes – You must check the exact number of classes offered by the school in an academic year, along with the batch/class size.
  3. Fee Structure – Do not hesitate to ask about the fee details, payment modes, including the miscellaneous/hidden charges and installment options (if any).
  4. Educator Support – A credible online school will introduce the teacher during the virtual tour/demo session/classroom experience. Feel free to interact with the teacher to be assured.
  5. Additional support– Some digital schooling platforms offer on-request classes. However, they might charge you extra. It is also a good idea to check the teacher’s revert time for e-mails/chats/messages etc. to be on the safer side.
  6. Striking features – Do check additional online resources through tie-ups/affiliations etc. (if any)

Final Thoughts

Despite a number of changes within the mainstream system, a nation as big (26.52 crore students in 2022) and diverse as India needs more alternatives to reach out to students across all age groups, backgrounds, and conditions. In the present scenario, online schools are a perfect PILLAR OF SUPPORT for all Indian students.

Most of us are already a part of the online learning movement. And many others are willing to make the most of this sustainable solution.

If you haven’t checked out the offerings of this new schooling alternative, this ongoing virus threat is the perfect time to get a hang of it!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is H3N2 dangerous?    
    H3N2 is not believed to be dangerous and life-threatening. But again, it can lead to death if the patient already has some other medical conditions.
  • Is H3N2 more severe than H1N1?  
    Yes, H3N2 is more severe because it has caused deaths.    

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