With online schooling, preschooling children can start learning immediately, at their own pace.

How is Online Schooling Beneficial for Preschoolers?

We are fortunate to live in an era that offers a range of varied schooling options!
Parents can now choose between physical preschools or opt for an online preschool. The best part about this paradigm shift is that, post the pandemic, India now has its very own accredited online school that caters to students right since the Pre-school/Nursery stage.

Despite the visible benefits of virtual schooling, it has been a controvertible topic for preschoolers. Because several stakeholders believe that preschool education should be strictly continued offline!

Just like other biased beliefs, this one too is completely one-sided.

In India, many of us are living in a denial mode. And we often choose to ignore the ‘BIGGER PICTURE’ of online schooling that is beneficial even for preschoolers.

The most advanced education systems of the world (such as the U.S) are now banking upon online schooling as an alternate for entire K-12 education. And their acceptance of digital schooling has helped them to address numerous challenges related to the school education of their masses.

Let’s discover some underrated facts about preschooling education provided in India

1. Our Preschool Education is Diverse

We all know that at the preschool stage, kids mostly learn through ‘play’ (Source- UNICEF). And these play-based opportunities are a focal point of any pre-primary child-centered pedagogy. Just like any other traditional school, K8 School also acknowledges this stage of diverse learning. And it seamlessly translates play-based learning into a carefully planned fun-filled online learning experience.

Being the torchbearers of online schooling, we are sensitive to the well-being of our students. And our preschool education is categorically designed around the student.

We make it a point that our preschoolers do not stare at the screen all the time. Instead, we create the right learning environment to commence the process of building a sound academic base for them. Our online teachers make use of engaging online resources. And they impart instructions to students in a manner that engages all types of learners (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) purposefully.

Preschoolers are engaged in advanced learning, oriented to facilitate development.

Read further to know more about the student engagement aspect of early childhood education online.

2. Multisensory Interactive Technologies Resolve Challenges

We are sure you will agree that handling preschoolers can be a daunting task in a traditional preschool classroom. Because they often get distracted and face various attention-related issues. Even the best preschool setting in a top traditional school is not free from this challenge. But now with online schooling, we now have a credible solution for all these engagement-related challenges.

At K8 School, we embrace multisensory interactive technologies to create a high-quality, engaging learning environment. As a result, our preschoolers enjoy their play-based learning through the magical feel of immersive technologies. We follow the researched practices of virtual schooling. And utilize the tried and tested ways to boost the student’s engagement. Our teachers impart instructions by involving the student’s multiple sensory channels. And in this way, our preschool education resolves the challenges that stem from the human limitations of educators in a traditional classroom.

We go the extra mile to understand the varied learning needs of preschoolers. And we also make it a point to preempt their challenges before designing their customized learning program, to facilitate the cognitive development of preschoolers.

Our instructions are more about hands-on activities (facilitated by online teachers). And to pull off our NEXT LEVEL PRESCHOOL EDUCATION, we get the industry’s best talent on board!

We also pay extra attention to issues like child security (behavior issues) and temper tantrums in preschool age groups. Our next piece of information will appraise you better about these aspects.

3. The Security Aspect

Kids are kids and they do have temper tantrums of all shapes and sizes.

But have you ever wondered how serious these emotional outbursts can be?

Many of us choose to ignore the temper tantrums of our kids. But these are serious issues that get worse with factors like fatigue, hunger, and sickness, etc.

On a practical note, it is humanly impossible for one or two odd teachers to handle several kids and their simultaneous emotional turmoil. And it is also not fair to expect teachers in a traditional school to pay 100% attention to each and every child at the same time.

K8 School removes the barrier of physical schooling and creates a safe learning space within your home settings. And I am sure you will agree that there is nothing more secure than keeping your child right in front of your eyes even during his/her schooling. With this option, your child gets perfect teacher attention (due to small batch sizes) and stays happy and secure IN YOUR ABLE HANDS!

Next, let’s move on to our structure!

4. The Next Level Preschool Curriculum

Before the implementation of NPE 2020 (National Policy of Education), India had NO STRUCTURED PRESCHOOL CURRICULUM. And this gap led to more and more subjective teaching practices within the local preschools near us.

For the first time, the National Policy of Education 2020, gave the preschool curriculum a proper structure. But again, everything is back to square one with our poor student-teacher ratios, teacher quality issues, and infrastructure-related challenges.

In India, online schooling has been a silver lining to the pandemic. Because it brought us closer to the realities of our existing system. Today, in this complex post-Covid world, we need a more practical solution than just reforms on paper. And K8 School materializes your dream of world-class structured preschool education without the need of stepping out of your home!

Our structured curriculum and trained teaching faculty deliver preschool education that is at par with the leaders in the industry and seek the support of the world’s most prestigious accrediting agency (Cognia) to reach this level.

If you are skeptical about the utility of technological elements at the preschool stage, connect with our academicians. We will be glad to take you through our world-class researched online resources specially designed for preschoolers.

We are now open for enrollments!

Join the online learning movement and avail the benefit of world-class education right here in India!

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