Hobbies for Students to Improve Creativity & Productivity

10 Top Hobbies for Students to Improve Creativity & Productivity

Good hobbies are activities that are extremely enjoyable, and relaxing for us. These pastimes are wonderful to learn new skills. And also help us to maintain good mental health. Hobbies can be purely recreational in nature. And in some cases, these are also a way of pursuing one’s passion. In this article, we will discuss how hobbies are a perfect way of nurturing creativity and productivity in our students.

Before we start discussing the best hobbies examples for students, let’s take you through some interesting facts about the benefits of hobbies in general.

  • According to a leading publisher if a person indulges in hobbies the chances of mortality reduce by around 50%.
  • Hobbies reduce the chances of loneliness
  • Best hobbies give a sense of accomplishment to the individual.    
  • These activities enhance skill development. And help an individual to explore varied areas of interest.
  • As per a survey, 44% of the Indians found greatest happiness in hobbies.

Other Findings of this survey are as follows:

Hobbies as a source of happiness among Indians 
Greatest HappinessSome HappinessDoes Not Give Me HappinessNot Applicable to Me
Percentages of indians found happiness in hobbies

Why Do Indian Students Need Good Hobbies?

In India, mental health issues are often overlooked and neglected. The ground reality is that our Indian students are quite stressed out because of many reasons that most of us choose to ignore.

Unfortunately, both our educational system and the stakeholders have made conditions worse for many students. Here’s a look at the issues our students face in India.

Peer Pressure

A study proves that peer pressure is one of the biggest challenges that Indian students face in schools/educational institutions. A study proves that 85% of Indian students faced peer pressure in high school.

Indian students faced peer pressure in high school

Parental Expectations

Do you know that parental expectation is nothing short of a trauma for our Indian students?

Here’s some supporting data for you:

  • Almost 2/3rd of the studied student base experienced pressure from their parents to perform academically.
  • As of 2018, 8% of the total suicide cases out of 1.3 lakh were students.
  • A report released by the ‘National Crime Records Bureau’ (for the year 2021) shows the top 4 Indian states with the maximum number of student suicides.
state wise student suicide rates
Madhya Pradesh10%
Tamil Nadu9.50%

Suicide Rates

Academic stress, peer pressure, parental expectations, etc. are certainly devastating for our students. Here’s a fact check about the rates of student suicides as per their educational levels.

Primary Level16.315.815.8
Middle Level19.619.519.1
Secondary Level23.323.424
Higher Secondary Level1415.916.2
Percentage of students suicide b educational level

Impact of the Pandemic

Another big reason why we need to keep a check on the happiness levels of students and promote hobbies is the immediate cause of distress, ‘The Pandemic’. A survey in 2019 shows that 71% of Indian youth believe that young people are now suffering more mental issues than the yesteryears.

Percentages of youth faces mental issue

Clearly, our Indian students need more opportunities to express themselves. They need great hobbies that can boost their mental health, make them creative and productive at the same time. Let’s take you through some realistic ways of helping students with these.   

10 Hobbies Examples for Students to Improve Creativity & Productivity

1. Physical exercise

We all know the amazing benefits of physical activities like working out in a gym, walking down the garden, stretching, running, jogging, etc. Help your students to develop habits that lead to an active lifestyle. And share examples of role models to prove the benefits of these activities to them. Simple random games in the classroom like ‘Sit and Stand’ ‘Number walk’, ‘Slow to fast motion’, etc. can be tried. Try to promote creativity by involving students and using their innovative ideas to plan new games that are feasible in the classroom.

2. Craft 

The magic of paper folding, creating wall hangings, scrapbooks, and waste material decoration with craft work, etc. has unimaginable benefits for students. These are some simple and creativity-boosting best hobbies. So try dedicating some time to these. Put up the best work on a separate wall. And pin up a couple of these pieces in the corridors as well. For teachers who teach in online schools, a simple round of applause for the best work is good to go.

3. Music

You already know that listening to music is one of the best ways to beat stress. In fact, the same results can be seen with composing music or playing a musical instrument as well. Let the students unleash their love for music. And you will be surprised how many budding stars come out with their amazing hidden talents.

4. Writing

Another example of some highly creative hobbies for students is writing. Cultivate a sense of confidence in your students. And encourage them to try a hand at writing. Remember as teachers/stakeholders, you need to make your students mentally prepared to leave perfection and try innovative writing styles. This will add more value to their work. And make them more gratified at the end of the day.

5. Cultivate a Love for Books

I am sure you agree that nothing is better for students than reading a good book. This age of Kindle and Ebooks has made a strong impact on our young generations. Get your students back to the world of hardback cover books. This will reduce their screen time. And help them discover some great perspectives in life.

6. Clay and Pottery

Another unconventional yet highly creative hobby is pottery. It is a wonderful way of expression. And is highly engaging for most age groups. Encourage collaboration in your classroom. And see how your students come up with some beautiful ideas for vases, pots, cups, and many more of their self-created beautiful pieces.

7. Drama/Role-play

Learning the art of acting in stage plays, skits, and presentations is one of the best on this list of hobbies examples for students. Your students will not just develop communication skills (through voice projection, articulation, and breath control, etc.). But they will also learn some highly creative ways of dealing with situations, along with teamwork.

8. Gardening/Planting/Garden Projects

Planting seeds, growing celery, and garden projects are extremely satisfying. These can be excellent hobbies for one’s motor development. And develop a great sense of responsibility in young learners. Have you ever noticed that kids who grow fruits and vegetables tend to consume these more?

Well, try this out, and see for yourself!

9. Nature walk/Camping

Enjoying in the lap of nature is another highly refreshing hobby. It can give the students a closer view of their environment. And they also get a hang of the environmental hazards that they need to work upon.

10. Mindful Exercises/Meditation

The last pick on this list of the 10 hobbies examples for students is meditation. Indulge your students in deep breathing exercises. And try a couple of meditation types that can go well with the students (as per their age group).

examples of hobbies for students

Now that we have a handy list of the best hobbies, let’s understand how we can help our students to take up these habits. Many students feel they are short of time. Hence, they give up on the idea of hobbies or recreation. Virtual schooling can be a good pick for such students. Let’s understand how. 

Online Learning Helps Students to Pursue Hobbies

As per an enlightening report published in a leading journal, hybrid and virtual learning gives students extra free time to follow their interests.

Here’s a gist of these findings:

  • 83% of the students feel that hybrid learning helps them to have more free time.
  • Blended and online models improve their memory retention.
  • 98% of parents and 99% of teachers wish to continue with online education in some form or other.
Online learning helps in pursue hobbies for students

Final Thoughts

For students, good hobbies are the best way to relieve stress, get creative and improve productivity. Try to incorporate the elements of virtual learning in your classrooms to help your students make time for more hobbies. These small changes will create a huge impact on their lives. And the benefits of these hobbies will not only support them in their student life. But also in their adulthood.

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the importance of good hobbies for students?
    Sparing time for hobbies is a wonderful way of adding value to one’s learning. These are highly beneficial to bring down academic stress. And makes students more creative in a fun way.
  • Which are the best hobbies for students?
    Below is the list of the hobbies that students of most age groups can take up:
    • Physical exercise
    • Craft
    • Music
    • Writing
    • Reading books
    • Pottery
    • Drama
    • Gardening
    • Nature walk
    • Meditation
  • How to help students make time for recreation or hobbies?
    You can help the student to pull off studies/academic work with better time management skills. And also introduce time-saving learning modes such as blended/hybrid/online learning.

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