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Secrets Revealed: How to Get Best Marks in Exam?

Pep talk, study schedules, digital detox, and an unanswered question, how to get best marks in exam?

Exam time is full of all this and much more.

Most students have mixed feelings like fear, hope, anxiousness, and stress at this time.

But again, it is not easy to find a single success mantra that can help online and traditional school students stay at the top of their learning.

If you are overwhelmed and wish to know, how to get good marks in exam, THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU!

Stay with us as we decode answers to the burning question, how to get best marks in exam!

Read on.

How to Get Best Marks in Exam?

1) Solidify Understanding

Most students make a common mistake. They set the wrong goals, cram answers, and prepare for borderline success.

The key to performing well in exams is to focus on understanding concepts to eliminate all learning gaps. 

A simple solution- Check unanswered questions, and ask the teacher your doubts before you jump to the next topic/section/lesson. Be prepared for any question’s toughest version; don’t settle for anything less than this!

Follow this basic thumb rule, and you will get the solution to your question, how can I get full marks in exam?

2) Use Smarter Revision Methods

Revision matters right?

But why cling to the age-old mundane methods?

Try out some innovative methods of revising your completed lesson. Pin up colored chits (or flashcards) with formulas, use sticky notes, and try some colored pens along with a couple of highlighters. Combine approaches as per your preference. And observe the best strategy that helps you retain information during exam time.

Pick the best one and stick to it, it will help you understand how score good marks in exams.

how to get best marks in exam | Use Smarter Revision Methods

3) Go for Peak Productivity

It’s fatal to feel dizzy while appearing for an exam.

Make sure you take enough rest and nourish your body with healthy food the night before your exams. A small session of meditation is also a great idea to help you detach from the question how can I get full marks in exam for some time.

Do not put too much strain on your mind. And try to keep excessively nervous students at bay.

Trust me, those WhatsApp groups with never-ending doubts do more harm than good. In most cases, last-minute discussions can create more self-doubt than clarity.

Cut the nervous energy out at this time. This will help you stay away from being shaken up at the last minute.

how to get best marks in exam | go for peak productivity

4) Self-affirmation to Beat Examinophobia

Moving on with the answers to the tricky question, how to get best marks in exam, let’s examine the importance of self-affirmation.

Do you know what self-affirmation can do for you?

It gives the brain a signal that the situation is in control. In India, several students get anxious due to studies, exams, and results. Here’s a look at some related findings.

Satisfied with their performance39%
Anxious due to Studies50%
Anxious due to Examinations31%
Percentage of student felt anxious due to examinations

It’s important to remind yourself of your self-worth through self-affirmations at this crucial time.

Get into the habit of repeating:

  • Mistakes are an opportunity that can help me grow.
  • I am good enough to appear for my exams.
  • I am on the right track and will grow better with each passing day.

These self-affirmations will also give you answers to questions like how score good marks in exams? 

5) Intentional Learning Shift/Planning Brain Breaks

Tempted to study for long hours?

Another red flag that goes against the basic functioning of the brain. 

When you prioritize everything around the thought how can I get full marks in exam? you are likely to skip brain breaks (or periodic non-academic rest time). This habit is devastating. As it deprives your mind of a chance to reboot itself.


Lesser thinking patterns and a reduced ability to consolidate information.

So if you are looking for an honest answer to the question, how to get best marks in exam?

Do not be too harsh on yourself while studying.

Experts have suggested some wonderful solutions like the Pomodoro technique (25 minutes of studies and 5 minutes of rest). Please visit this page if you wish to know how this technique can work wonders for you.  

Brain breaks are a must to rejuvenate the mind and perform well to its full potential.

6) Collaborate with Friends

The next time you worry about how to get best marks in exam, utilize the power of group studies.

Collaboration is one of the trusted classroom tools that helps in reaching shared learning goals. The key is to have reliable study partners who can work side by side with you. If planned and executed well, this technique will help you go beyond the regular or expected academic accomplishments.


You can over-achieve easily if you collaborate with students who have the right skill sets (like strong study habits).

These were our best picks. But before we wrap up, there’s some more information for your question, how to get good marks in exam?

how to get good marks in exam

Some More Pro Tips

  • Trust your knowledge, and start by attempting questions that you are thorough with.
  • Identify your learning style, and add variations accordingly. For instance, try videos for science concepts, colored chits to pin up math formulae, etc.
  • Create your mock tests.
  • Make healthy eating choices, and avoid excessive caffeine.
  • Cross-check your writing utensils (writing supplies) beforehand.
  • Missing an answer makes it a zero. Always attempt all questions even if you feel it’s still incorrect.
  • Follow the time slots rigorously. Divide your time as per the length of the questions.
how can i get full marks in exam

Final Thoughts

We hope our information was enlightening enough. And we could answer your question, how to get good marks in exam?

One last advice:

Have trust in your study habits, do your revisions well, and get ready to unlock academic success!

Before you leave, please spare a couple of minutes to discover the impeccable advantages of online schooling right here in India!

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I score 100% in my exam?
    Study diligently, and be sure about the strategies you choose to answer your questions how can I get full marks in exam?
  • How can I get full marks in exam?
    Be a pro when you study. Do not cram, instead focus on developing understanding. Plan your day well with enough time for tough subjects and brain breaks.
  • Do toppers also get low marks?
    Toppers can also perform badly. There is no fixed formula for success, good study habits are all that matter.
  • What is the secret of topper?
    Students who perform well are consistent, and have regular study schedules. They know the right study techniques and understand their learning styles well.
  • What is the best time to study?
    It depends on the student’s preference. You can read our detailed article about the benefits of choosing the right study time. 

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