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The Importance Of Books In The Digital Era

The Importance of Books in the Digital Era

It is rightly said that there is no substitute for a book in a child’s life! (Quote by May Ellen Chase)

Indeed, the benefits of reading books last for a lifetime. But in this fast-paced digital world, reading habits are losing their charm, and the best books to read are gradually replaced by digital texts.

Today, our children are losing the desire to read, and many times parents find it difficult to encourage them to read. Let’s unfold the layers and explain how books are important in our life across all stages of life.

Read on for some amazing facts and decode how books and reading habits help us in our everyday lives. We begin with some research-backed facts about books in early childhood.

Importance of Books in Early Childhood

Reading and Vocabulary

Parents who read 5 books per day to their kids before entering Kindergarten are successful in teaching their kids several new words (around 1.4 million). By the age of 5 years, even if a child hears a single book in a day, he/she hears 29,000 new words. This knowledge helps children at the later stages of formal schooling. Because they find many words familiar in the print format when they enter school.

Here’s an estimation of the number of words a child would have heard if parents read books for their kids. 

Frequency of reading a bookWords kids would have heard
Never read4,662 
Once or twice a week 63,570
Three to five times per week169,520
Five Books a day1,483,300

Let’s move on to the general advantages of reading habits and books.

What is the Importance of Books for Children?

Sparks Creativity and Expands Imagination

If you choose the best books to read, you can help your child explore new things, situations, and places. A child becomes an explorer in the magical world of books. This unfolds new viewpoints through the power of imagination. In addition, the discovery of a new world, problems, scenarios, etc. also stimulates a child’s creativity. All this eventually boosts creativity as the child tries to interpret new information through stories. 


As stakeholders, most of us know the importance of textbook. But many times, we focus on textbooks. And fail to understand how reading books is a great source of fun and entertainment.

A child can feel an unmatched pleasure while exploring and deriving meaning out of new characters, worlds, situations, etc. Reading habits also give interesting insights into life. In addition, reading also makes it fun to see the world from someone else’s perspective. Other than all this, when a reader connects to a story the engagement itself is an immense source of pleasure.   

Health and Cognition (Brain Function) Benefits

As per a leading broadcaster, books and reading improve our health and well-being. Reading for only 30 minutes a week improves health. In addition, this habit also supports emotional intelligence. When a reader discovers varied perspectives, it improves emotional intelligence. Other than this, this habit also improves one’s confidence, and self-esteem, and reduces feelings of loneliness. Children who read regularly are also able to empathize better with others.

Importance of books for children | Health and cognition

The cognitive benefits of reading include better focus, improved memory, strengthened analytical skills, and this habit also prevents age-related cognitive decline. 

Brings Down Stress Levels

The importance of books is not limited to one’s brain functioning alone. This habit of reading also brings down our stress levels.  

Do you know that the best books to read can bring down stress levels by 68%?


A cognitive neuropathologist, Dr. David Lewis came up with this fascinating fact. He also concluded that reading silently for only 6 minutes can bring down the heart rate, and release the tension in the muscles. 

Brings Down Stress Levels | benefits of books for children

By far, we have discussed why books are important in our life. Let’s move on to the next section and understand how we can nurture a love for learning in our children/students.

Tips to Nurture a Love for Books and Reading in Children?

Select the best books to read-

All children have their unique preferences, and we must consider these while selecting the reading material. Always keep in mind your student/child’s liking. Because this will yield the best results when you arrange for the reading material (as per genre). For parents, the best way to know the right material is by collaborating with the child’s teachers. Most school teachers have the best input about the child’s learning styles, preferences, and workable areas (such as spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, etc.).

Top institutions like K8 School have the industry’s best talent. Read more about our teachers here.    

Make it fun-

To develop a love for reading in our young generations, we must embrace the benefits of reading for pleasure. Many parents solely acknowledge the importance of textbook for scores and grades. But they miss out on creating an encouraging family atmosphere. Start with simple activities like reading a book before going to bed. Make it a fun task for the family. For instance, ask some questions each day, and give some rewards for some correct answers. Choose some funny stories purposely, and enjoy yourself with the entire family.

Replace screen time with reading

If we explain the importance of reading books to our children from an early age, they tend to develop better reading habits. Try to replace their screen time with reading activities gradually. And never forget to appreciate the child for making these important lifestyle changes. 

Let children make choices

When children make choices they are more intrinsically motivated. Try this method and allow your child/student to suggest books and reading material. This empowerment works wonders with kids, so do not miss out on this point.

Inspire through role models and famous personalities

Many Indian politicians and famous personalities are book lovers and authors. From late Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Shashi Tharoor, Kiran Bedi, Elon Musk, and Maneka Gandhi, these famous role models have something in common, their fondness for reading. You can use their references to reiterate the importance of books.

Final Thoughts

From health benefits to stress reduction, books are important in our life even with our digitalized lifestyles!

Book readers can enhance their knowledge, escape to a wonderland, and discover unmatched joy with the best books to read.

Do not wait any more, ignite a love for learning and wait for the magic of timeless literature to take over!

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are books so helpful?
    In this digital age, there is a lot of importance of books. Books have many benefits related to one’s health, and well-being, and give immense joy to the readers
  • Why are books good for your brain?
    When we develop a habit of reading we improve our focus, and memory as well.
  • What is the full meaning of a book?
    A book is a written text or composition.
  • Reading why is it important and mention the names of best books to read?
    There are several benefits of developing reading habits like better memory, stress reduction, health and well-being etc. The following books are good for kids:
    • The Sage with Two Horns
    • The Blue Umbrella
    • Like a Girl
    • Flights of Fancy
    • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
    • The Magic of the Lost Temple

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