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What is Personality Development for Students & Why it Matters

Boost Confidence & Skills: How Personality Development Benefits Students

The word ‘personality’ is often associated with certain psychological characteristics of an individual, such as feeling, thinking, behavior, etc. Globally, schools and stakeholders are realizing the importance of student personal development. Because a good personality has a positive impact on one’s attitude towards life. And at the same time, it also improves one’s employment prospects in adulthood. Today, the modern education system focuses on incorporating methodologies to help students develop pleasing personalities.

While most of us already acknowledge the importance of personality development, the problem is understanding how to develop skills in students to build a good personality.

It’s time to decode all these details and help parents/teachers in their endeavor of personality development.

Let’s delve in!

What is Personality Development & How Does It Benefit Students?

In simple words, personality development is a process that aims to make positive changes in one’s personality. This process helps an individual to discover innate skills/strengths. However, these changes do not occur overnight. Because this process takes time. And mostly the results depend on various factors like individual behavior, thinking, and response patterns, etc.

Before we discuss how we develop personality, let’s understand how personality development affects an individual.  

Studies have proved some fascinating benefits of personality development (through activities for personality development). Here’s a look at these:

  • A healthy personality can have a positive impact on academic performance.
  • Good personality promotes well-being.
  • Contributes to holistic development.
Benefits of Personality Development for students

It’s time to discuss the role of schools in this process now!

How Can Schools Support the Personality Development of Students?

For a student’s holistic development, schools plan several activities for personality development. In addition, many top institutions (like K8 School) also delve into crucial questions like how to make personality. And incorporate supportive strategies into their everyday educational processes. Stakeholders and schools can plan some activities using tips on personality development for students starting with the goal-setting process.

Goals of Personality Development

As per the Ministry of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, personality development for students should have some short and long-term goals. These are as follows:

Short-term goals:

  • Develop leadership qualities
  • To realize their true potential
  • Foster a spirit of collaboration
  • Promote the ability to take risks and develop resilience

Long-term goals:

  • Contribute to nation-building
  • Accept the values of democracy and secularism.
  • Support the nation’s progress
  • Induce a sense of social harmony
Goals of Personality Development

Here’s a look at some activities for schools.

Activities for Personality Development

Artistic Activities for Self-Expression

There are many proven benefits of arts and crafts for children. You can find some credible answers to the question, how do we develop personality by simply indulging in some simple art activities?

Painting, drawing, crafting, etc., help enhance personal skills at the elementary level. In addition, it also offers excellent opportunities for young students to unleash their creative sides. These activities help children/students to develop a strong sense of self. This in turn, makes them more expressive about their thoughts. Young students enjoy painting, sketching, paper folding, etc. However, middle and high school students mostly love creative activities in the classroom. Here’s a quick example of a superb activity for this age group:

Let all students draw a random picture that represents their thought process (including its complexity) and an imaginative personality. One by one, all students can look at the shuffled pictures and guess the person who drew them. Eventually, each student can explain the reasons behind the particular patterns, linking these to their thinking styles, along with a short explanation of the personality details (that they drew).

Brainstorming Activities

When you plan activities for personality development for students, give them enough opportunities to interact/debate on relevant topics. Collaborative public speaking activities are wonderful ways of boosting their confidence levels. These activities also help students hone many more important skills like active listening, communication, critical thinking, etc. In the present-day scenario, skills matter more than degrees. Hence, we need more solution-based approaches to support students’ personal development and build skills for the 21st century.    

Do you know that several Indian students lack the skillsets required for the job market?

Let’s look at some related facts:

  • Only 50.3% of the Indian graduates were employable (by the year 2023).
  • 89% of the graduates were seeking internship opportunities.
Indian employable talent by Year
Percentage of graduates seeking internship opportunities

Trait Guess Games

Let’s give you another example that can help you understand how to develop skills in students. Try this interesting game with your students:

Divide the class into small groups and explain some personality traits through examples of role models (like superheroes, movie characters, cricketers, politicians, etc.). Explain the meaning of being introverted, extroverted, talkative, headstrong, mature, immature, etc. Let all students write down the traits that they relate to. And other groups can guess the students with the matching traits. Once a student is identified with these traits, he/she can be invited to speak about the benefits and downsides of being so.

personality trait of student

Playing Roles

All teachers must know how to make personality better through role plays and similar activities. Try simple character games and give your class a chance to showcase different types of personalities that can be related to their real lives. One student can enact a personality (known to others as well), while others guess the name. 

Top 10 Student Personal Development Tips (for teachers)

  1. Encourage students to participate actively in sessions, classroom activities, etc.
  2. Help them to discover their strengths.
  3. Let students decide on small goals.
  4. Focus on creating a confident personality through adequate opportunities.
  5. Share constructive feedback.
  6. Develop a growth mindset.
  7. Always keep negativity at bay.
  8. Do not let students shy away from uncomfortable topics.
  9. Keep them engaged with a touch of humor.
  10. Support skills like researching to make them more confident about their knowledge.

If you wish to know how India’s top online school, K8 School, uses these tips on personality development in a virtual classroom, reach out to us.

Final Words

Hope this information can help you address all the buzzing questions in your mind. Now that you know how to develop personality, it’s time to put your knowledge into action!

Help your kid/student discover his/her best self. And wait for a budding star to unleash a pleasing personality!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is personality development?
    The process of personality development helps in modifying one’s personality traits over a period of time. It affects one’s thought process positively to achieve desirable results.  
  • How can schools develop student’s personality?
    Schools can set clear goals, plan activities, and help in student personal development through their strategies/teaching approaches.
  • What are some practical student personal development tips?
    Help students to communicate freely, participate in activities, and collaborate with peers to develop a pleasing personality.


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