Best indoor activities that helps our kids to grow physically and mentally.

7 Educational Indoor Activities for Kids that Brings Out the Best in them

Several states in India have been experiencing complete, partial, or area-wise lockdown in many parts. Therefore, we had to put a pause on the regular outdoor activities for the kids. As known, outdoor activities engage in the mental and physical well-being of humans. And since we cannot allow our kids to go ahead for outdoor activities, this blog presents such indoor activities that could be very beneficial for overall cognitive development in kids.

Why Indoor Activities? 

As the pandemic doesn’t allow us to send out children to the public parks, swimming pools, and sports complexes, practicing fun and engaging indoor activities would help them stay busy while learning new skills, most of the time. Many parents state that their children have developed a very unproductive habit of staying idle most of the day. Realizing their role, parents feel the responsibility for the children. Also, children enjoy playing video games on digital devices like laptops, mobiles, and desktops which is neither productive nor worth the time spent. Therefore, the indoor activities that are mentioned below in the blog are directly or indirectly associated with:

Linguistic Skills: Board games like crosswords, solve the word, and jumbled words, focuses on the development and improvement of linguistic skills. Such indoor activities are usually performed best with the participation of all the family members.

Creative Skills: Many indoor activities like cooking and baking are directly associated with the creativity level of the individual. Apart from creativity, baking and cooking also teach about portions, proportions, measurements, and taste.

Problem Solving: Old-school indoor activities like chess, 4X4, and monopoly primarily focus on problem-solving ability. Since these games work on a set of rules, the players are bound to play within the limitations.

7 Educational Activities for Kids  

Not all indoor activities for kids out there are based on gamification and time-pass methodology. 90% of all indoor activities are educational and knowledge-oriented. Educational activities are very beneficial for the kids, especially for preschoolers, as they focus on the core aspects of academics such as mathematics, creativity, science, and language.

Educational activities for kids to practice along with the whole family and friends.

Indoor educational activities are very crucial for kids these days. As we know, almost all the students are now tied along with the digital screens for long hours to attend their school classes online. Unlike in a good online school, the eight-hour-long engagement of the students on electronic devices with traditional school classes turns them lazy and tired. Therefore, every elementary school and pre-school student should practice these engaging indoor activities every day for at least two hours. This way, their free time is utilized in productive and fun activities. And it also contributes to the overall development of problem-solving, cognitive, logical, communication, interaction, and mathematical skills.

1. Board Games

Almost all of the new-age board games available to us focus on developing linguistic, mathematical, and problem-solving skills. Board games are a very vital aspect of indoor games that can contribute to the educational role. 

2. Cooking and Baking 

Cooking and baking is the most popular indoor activity to invest your time in, not only for the kids but for adults too. It teaches the individual about essential aspects like measurement and proportion. 

3. Art & Craft 

We all know that art and craft help increase our knowledge and creates more into an individual’s creativity skills. Apart from this, activities like painting, sketching, and coloring are best known for utilizing time and coping with depression or anxiety in kids. 

4. Mathematics 

Parents should always help their kids understand that mathematics is not always just a part of the curriculum provided by their school or educational institutions. Mathematics activities like Abacus and Vedic Math can always be fun!

5. Digital Literacy 

Most children are already digitally literate because of the regular usage of smartphones, tablets, and desktops for multiple purposes. Students should be digitally literate and must know how to communicate, research, and compose information digitally.

6. DIY & Science Experiments

There are millions of DIY ideas available on the internet that children can practice and learn. Many children learn about the laws of physics only by performing such science DIY activities at home.

7. Story Writing 

Story writing can be very advantageous for children as it focuses on imagination skills and written-linguistic skills. Children imagine different scenes and sequences of the story, write them on paper, and draft it in the final format to develop the complete story. 

Concluding Words

Indoor activities play an essential role in keeping the children busy with the things that turn out to be very productive in the long run. Therefore, we suggest every parent, adding the above-mentioned educational activities to their kids’ daily schedule and timetable.

3 thoughts on “7 Educational Indoor Activities for Kids that Brings Out the Best in them”

  1. Aakanksha Sethi

    Thanks for making our lockdown interesting. My daughter is 10 years old and I have introduced her to fireless cooking. Have just tried an oreo cake with her, she is enjoying it!

  2. Ashwini

    I want to add one more indoor activity to this list, children can help their mums in a few of the household chores like filling up the water bottles, helping them in cleaning and dusting. This will surely relieve many of the parents:)

  3. Sarthak

    Manya is reading many storybooks these days as I feel that we need to be voracious reader to improve our writing skills. I have seen a considerable difference in her expression through writing, other parents should also try this…

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